Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

Here are the matchups for the Divisional Semi-Finals:
Saskatchewan @ Montreal
Edmonton @ Calgary

The following people qualify for the Divisional Semi-finals: UglyandHasty, Als_Molson, roughyfan, Billy_Soup, Tbone, 514MTL, Sportsmen, and green'n'grey. All others are welcome to post their picks, but only these people will have their picks entered.

Picks must be made prior to midnight on Friday night, or you will be counted as not making any picks.

Your teams will be posted on Saturday.

You guys know the drill by now: to make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners. To change your picks, post a new reply. (You don't need to re-post all your picks, just the changes.) Please don't just edit your old post.

Standings are available to view at

Good luck.

Montreal over Saskatchewan (need I say more, Ssk is going to have tourble with the fans shearming for their BLOOD, Montreal should beat them easy, so STFU already Rider fans and take it)
Edmonton over Calgary (Calgary won a great one tonight, but they'll be tired and Edmonton will be a differnt team next week, out for renvenge, so I'm picking the Esk for the win, but I hope I'm wrong)

Note to self, never vote with the crowd

Saskatchewan over Montreal
Edmonton over Calgary

my pick for the semi-finals



Hope I'll be able to get my picks.

Can't believe this. Spent 11 weeks in first place or tied for first. Was 2nd or 3rd, got an 0-4 week because everybody rested everybody and now I'm sixth.


Montreal :smiley:
Edmonton :shock:


Thanks for the Season BigDave

BigDave, I just noticed something. Remember last season, to enter the playoffs, you hade to be no less than 4 points behing the #1 participant. Anyone within 4 points would be in.

Last season, that lead to only FOUR people entering postseason.

Had we done it the same way this year, there would have been FOURTEEN participants in.

I don't know about the first editions of the VGCC, but that must a first. Having so many players nearing the top spot. It was an exciting season.

Big Dave, I just wanted to confirm how the standings are supposed to work. At the bottom of the VGCC website it says that Aggregate Spread will be used for tie breaking purposes, however in the case of myself and Billy, it appears that Winning % has been used to break the tie. I am not arguing with this logic, I just wanted confirm that that this is supposed to be the case.

Thanks again for your hard work! Great season!

Actually, you only had to be within 5 of the leaders. Had we been doing it the old way, NINETEEN people would qualify for the post-season. And I still wouldn't be one of them. (Although I likely would have made fewer desperation picks toward the end, so who knows?)

That's an interesting point: 4 made it in 1999, 4 in 2000, 4 in 2001, 2 in 2002, and 4 in 2004. You can see why I thought guaranteeing 8 would lead to more people participating at the end.

The Aggregate spread is used to break ties among participants with identical records. The regular season standings are sorted by: (1) most correct picks; (2) fewest incorrect picks; (3) highest aggregate spread. Billy is ahead of you because he made as many correct picks, but fewer incorrect ones.


Those who finish the regular season in the top 8 remain in the top 8. So even if green'n'grey goes 0-2 this week, he will still be ranked 8th at 49-33, even though those tied for 9th are 49-32. That's where my programming skills will really be put to the test.

Thanks for the response Big Dave. I was not disputing the standings, I just wanted to know how the tiebreakers work.

Well, I didn't qualify for the playoffs, but here are my picks anyway:

Saskatchewan @ Montreal: The Als are 6-3 at home, Saskatchewan is 4-5 on the road, and no crossover team has ever won a playoff game. Montreal is too good to lose this, and will want to prove to the big crowd at the Big O that they are better than they were in their last home game of the season. Montreal by 11.

Edmonton @ Calgary: the Battle of Alberta, part IV. I was prepared to pick the Eskimos in this game, until I saw the game on Sunday. Unlike the stinker games in the east, that was not a nothing game for either team...and the Esks got steamrolled. I believe Edmonton has a good shot, but honestly I have to pick the Stamps, who are 5-4 at McMahon, over the Esks, who are 4-5 on the road. Calgary by 2.

Thanks again BigDave for letting this American make picks with you guys all year. I had fun for the weeks that I did participate, and my only regret was not being involved sooner. I'll pick the games, and since I went on record with my picks last night, I won't change them, so here they are:

  1. Saskatchewan @ Montreal- I'm taking a huge chance here and I'm picking the Saskatchewan Roughriders to win by 3 points. Call it old age or call it insanity, I'm just playing a hunch and maybe the Riders will display some of that talent they have and put it all together for at least one game.

  2. Edmonton @ Calgary- Calgary is the hot team here right now and the Eskimos are having problems scoring points, especially via the pass. It will be very tough to beat the same team two weeks in a row, but Calgary has it all going for them right now and I expect a close game that the Calgary Stampeders win by 6 points.

Note: If Calgary wins, I think they'll make it to the Grey Cup. BC is in such disarray.

Now its time for the real season to begin.

Saskatchewan @ Montreal ---- Big showdown in the Big O. The last time these two teams met, It was a shootout. I don't see it like that this time. The Riders Defence should be able to hold the Als offence to 24 pts or less. Now if the Riders start Crandell, which I think they will do, I think the Riders can score more then said 24 points and win this ball game. If Greene starts I have absolutely no faith in their Offence. Crandell will start though and hopefully they use the run game, and a Rider victory and the first crossover winner will be the Roughriders.
Winner: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Edmonton @ Calgary ---- Clagary has really had the edmontons Offences number for the past 2 and a half games. Ray is looking like crap in the past like 5 games. Wil they maybe start Mass, I doubt it. Its back in McMahon so that will give Calgary a boost, but I see Edmonton getting back on their winning ways and winning this game, in a squeker that will be full of penalties.
Winner: Edmonton Eskimos

I'm in the Top 4 so me picking the two away teams will give soemone the chance to pick the favorites, if that is what they so desire.

Thanks BigDave and good luck to all my fellow participants :twisted:

Whew! Talk about just sneaking in. When the Esks lost I thought I was out for sure.

So, here goes:

Saskatchewan - A crazy choice? Maybe. As a Riders fan, it's hard to separate your heart from your choices. But their defense is playing really well lately, and even though they have a terrible record against the Als, they seem to play them tough (usually, anyway). The wild card in this game is the 'Riders offense. If they have a good game, throw in a few wrinkles, then they could do it.

Calgary - I really thought that the addition of Troy Davis would give Edmonton what they needed to beat the Stamps. When you look at the last 3 games, though, Calgary has had Edmonton's number. Since the first half of the Labour Day game, they've really shut them down. Look for more of the same. Of course, I'll probably get "stuck" with Edmonton, but that's okay. They're due for a big game against Calgary.

So, there you have it. Sask and Calgary.

The way I see it, being in 8th place I have to get both of my picks right to advance, so I'll need a lot of help. Good luck to everyone else!

Can't beleive I made the top 8 with a 1-3 record the last round.

Just happy to be here!

So, I really don't have to post teams as I'll be assigned them on Friday?

Anyways for the fun of it, I'll take Montreal and Calgary.

Thanks again Big Dave for all your hard work!

Here are my predictions:

Damon Duval and Paul McCallum boith get disqualified over an argument on who's got the biggest balls. Montreal wins the game 68 to 67 off a Dave Stala missed field goal single at the end of the eight overtime period (hence the high scores), right after Crandell shanked the previous Riders FG attempt.

The Calgary vs. Edmonton game will also go into overtime, but will end on the first Eskimos attempt, when Ricky Ray fumbles the ball, which is then bobbled back 65 yards by a few players, and picked-up by Troy Davis who gets tackled by Wes Lysack in his own end zone. The safety gives a 4-2 victory to the Stamps.

Hey Drumming_God, Pro-line pays a quarter of a million off a 3$ bet if all of that happens. You should give it a try.

My picks mean nothing but what the heck!

Montreal (I HOPE) beats Saskatchewan :crosses fingers:

Edmonton beats Calgary - I have a weird feeling that Calgary will move on but we'll see. . .

Thanks again for the great season and I can't wait for next years!

LEt me repost my pick for the Edmonton/Calgary game

Maas starts: Stamps win
Rays starts Esks win

OK BigDave...Here goes nothing...

Calgary(Tough choice!)