Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

Well, the regular season is now over, and we now know who qualifies for the post-season, in both the CFL and the VGCC.

The standings are posted here.

The top eight finishers of the regular season continue to the post-season. They are:

  1. geo365
  2. Fooks
  3. Herschel456
  4. BigDave
  5. camkind
  6. Ryoon
  7. Sportsmen
  8. argotom

Apologies to Eskylo, who just missed the post-season by virtue of the tie-breaker.

The rules are a bit different in the post-season, so please read this carefully. You can still view a more complete list of all the rules here, but here are the things you need to know.

  1. Anyone may still make picks, but only those who qualify will have their picks count.
  2. You must make your picks by FRIDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, or they will not be accepted.
  3. On Saturday, I will post who gets which teams. No team may be selected by more than half the participants. Priority will be given to the higher-ranked participants. This is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to advance. However, regardless of your ranking, PICK THE TEAMS YOU THINK WILL WIN, and allow me to make any necessary changes. Don't choose the team you think you'll end up with. That can easily backfire on you, as it has on people in the past.
  4. Make your picks as normal. All the same rules apply re: clarity, elaboration, and changes (though the deadline is Friday at Midnight.) You've all done this before, so I know you know what to do.
  5. Though I may CHANGE your picks, I will not ASSIGN picks. So no matter what your ranking, you must make picks or you will have no picks entered. Unlike the regular season, a person who goes 0-2 will be ranked higher than someone who goes 0-0.
  6. After the games have been played, participants will be ranked based on how they did in the current week. Their previous ranking will be used only as a tie-breaker.
  7. The top 4 will qualify for the Divisional Finals.

So now, here are the games for the Divisional Semi-finals:
B.C. @ Hamilton
Edmonton @ Calgary

Good luck!

Like my Ticats, I'm not used to this: qualifying for the post-season! Let's see how far I can go!

B.C. @ Hamilton: The Ticats are 6-3 at home, 2-0 against the Lions, and playing their best football of the year. Their three-game winning streak has them as the hottest team in the Canadian Football League. The Lions have lost their last three, and don't know who their quarterback will be, as injuries have them reduced to a 5th-stringer, and will probably have to hold a sweepstakes to select some fans to play as backups. Their best bet, Casey Printers, has yet to win a game for them, and is very familiar with losing at Ivor Wynne, but so far no word on whether he'll be able to play. The Lions run defence is the worst in the country, and is likely to be torched for a third time by De'Andra Cobb. Cats by 15.

Edmonton @ Calgary: Calgary, despite their 10-7-1 record, has been inconsistent this season, with Bad Hank showing up a lot more often than he ever has in the past. Edmonton has shown flashes of brilliance, then self-destructed in many new and interesting ways. Ricky Ray will likely be able to move the ball against Calgary, but Joffrey Reynolds should counter that when the guys in red have the ball. Whitlock had a field day last week, but he's not facing the Lions this week. Even Bad Hank, should he show up, will move the ball enough, thanks to great receivers like Copeland and Lewis. Their dream of playing in the Grey Cup in their own stadium will survive for one more week, at least. Stamps by 4.

B.C. @ Hamilton: The TiCats. I love my Lions but we are beyond depleted at QB, our run D can't stop a grade 8 running back these days. The Lions may go down swinging but they will be weak swings at best. Hamilton by 17

Edmonton @ Calgary: The Stamps. The Huff won't allow them to lose to Edmonton. Despite them kicking our ass last week, Edmonton isn't playing that great and the Stamps will show off their weaknesses. It won't be a blow out but it will be desicive. Cowtown by 14.

My goal is top 10 every yr, so no big deal. Im not a fan of the playoff format, but i do love
the seasonal pool.

Thanks for running it again this year Dave.

All winners (I hope)


Well Big Dave - I went from 1st last year in the regular season standings to 43rd this year!! Has anyone ever fallen so far!!
Thanks again for doing all the hard work. It is a great idea that makes all the games interesting and meaningful. You deserve a beer or a big hug. Probably a beer - right!!!
Congrats to the top finishers and good luck in the playoffs. Just to remind all that all that matters is the playoffs. I think last year after coming in 1st place in the regular season I picked all the wrong winners in the playoffs.!!! There you go.


... and congrats on the success of your beloved Tiger-Cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks for a fun season again BigDave. Its nice to see you and the Ti-Cats make the playoffs for a change 8) Just teasing, but I am glad for the city of Hamilton to have a post season.

Its so hard to pick the playoffs.

B.C at Hamilton: The Lions, I don't like the team...They'll lose. :lol: I pick Hamilton over BC

Calgary over Edmonton

Yes another year and thanks for a great job BigDave.
On a personal side, its good to be back in the playoffs after missing it last year.
My picks being: Hamilton

Big Dave:

  Thanks for running the pool and making the games so entertaining again this year.  I made the playoffs last year and got to the final four, but this year I ended up in approximately 14th place.  I'm motivated for next year, and will continuing picking the games right through the Grey Cup.  Here are my Divisional Semi-Final selections.
  1. BC Lions @ Hamilton- The Lions just snuck into the playoffs via the crossover, and just for their own pride I hope they have a good showing versus the Tiger Cats at Ivor Wynne Stadium. Reality however says this will not be a competitive game, because who knows who will be the starting quarterback for the Lions, and how will they ever stop the potent rushing attack of the Tiger Cats and De’Andra Cobb. Kevin Glenn is hot right now and so are the Cats, so I’m taking Hamilton by 13 points.

  2. Edmonton @ Calgary- The battle of Alberta will be talked up all week and will get the football fans of Alberta all excited, but in reality it shouldn’t be that close. Even though the Stampeders have been inconsistent this year, they did tie for the best record in the West, but you always expect more from the defending Grey Cup Champions. Edmonton has some weapons, but not enough to win this game on the road. Henry Burris, Joffrey Reynolds, Nick Lewis, and Jermaine Copeland should provide the difference for the Stampeders, so I’m taking Calgary by 7 points.

    Thanks again Big Dave, I’m sure the standings through week #19 will be posted in the next day or so.

I;m not in, but my picks are...

Hamilton over BC
Edmonton over Calgary (just have a feeling...)

All I can say is...

...oskeeweewee GO ESKS :rockin:

Thanks Big Dave!

Finishing third overall is pretty good for my first year doing this


Thanks Big Dave, look forward to next years challenge.
Picks are:
Eskies surprise the Stamps by 6
Hamilton will stone cold the Lions.

My Picks:

Hamilton - BC can't stop DeAndra Cobb (or Arkee Whitlock or Fred Reid), plus BC's quarterback situation is a gong show. Not to mention that the crowd at Ivor Wynn and the Ticats will be fired up.

Calgary - I think good Hank will show up, but it will certainly be a close game.

Wow, I snuck into 7th place.......

Well thanks for all your hard work Big Dave! I enjoy participating in this pool each year. One of these years, I'll have to make an away game at Ivor Wynne and buy you a drink for all your troubles.

BC Over Hamilton. BC doesn't deserve to be in the playoffs after a three game losing streak. Talk about backing into the Playoffs! Since this is Hamiltons first Home Playoff date in a while, they might just be content to be there and not be ready. Wally will find a way to win. BC by 2

CALGARY Over Edmonton. Hopefully Calgary wont be looking ahead to Saskatchewan. Calgary just has so many more weapons than Edmonton. CALGARY by 10



Well, despite losing badly, I’m going to make picks just to see how I do in the playoffs. Here goes:

Hamilton - too many issues at QB for BC, Hamilton has been hot, and they’re playing at home. Can’t really see how BC pulls this one out, unless they have a big surprise at QB. Just watching TSN, and it seems like Printers may be good to go (but how good) and Lulay should be fine (looked impressive, but only one game. Doesn’t really inspire confidence.)

Calgary - Edmonton looked better, but BC had no reliable, strong QB, so anybody would have looked good. I just think that Calgary is overall stronger.

Thanks, BigDave. Hope your team goes far (but I’m only willing to cheer for them in the Grey Cup if the Riders don’t make it).

Thanks for giving us another year the of the VGCC, BigDave. Although I didn't make it to the playoffs, I will make my picks for the hell of it anyway:

BC @ Hamilton- Cats will have a big edge with the home crowd pumping them up, and the Lions still have issues in stopping the run.. Cats by a TD

Edmonton @ Calgary- I will go with the upset in this one, but it will be close.. Edmonton by 1

Well, since my picks don't count anymore, I'm allowed to be a fanboy. :lol:

I'm taking Hamilton and Edmonton (I thought I'd be the only one to pick the Eskimos lol).