Virtual Grey Cup Challenge -- Divisional Semi-Finals

Well, nowhere near the playoffs, but it's nice to end with a perfect week!

Winnipeg - As long as the Eskimoes don't treat the football like a Christmas Present (giving it away freely), this game should be close, but I think Winnipeg will take it. Their confidence is largely restored, and after being so close to the cup last year and losing when the Riders gave them every opportunity to win, I think they'll be hungrier for the win.

Saskatchewan - again, the big key would be turnovers. If Bishop (or whoever else gets in) can hold on to the ball, then I think the Riders take it. BC just doesn't seem to have "it" this year, that extra, intangible factor that takes a normal team and allows them to perform at a special level. Unfortunately, Calgary does seem to have "it" this year, but that's a battle for next week...

Thanks, BigDave

Here are the teams for each playoff participant:

turkeybend: WPG, SASK
Ryooon: EDM, SASK
USAspike6: EDM, SASK
RedandWhite: WPG, SASK
Dust: WPG, BC
schooner11: EDM, BC
cflisthebest: WPG, BC
thescotsman: EDM, BC

Those in red were changed according to the rules.

Good luck!

Good luck to all of you..this has been fun. Next year - look out, it's all serious business and I'll be in from the get go.

As for my picks this weekend - I'll tell ya after the games are over. :wink:

Again, many thanks BigDave. You rock.