Virtual Grey Cup Challenge -- Divisional Semi-Finals

The regular season is over! Now the "fun" begins. The standings are posted here. Please note that the rules for the post-season are a little different from the rules for the regular season.

First of all, only the top eight participants -- that is, turkeybend, Ryooon, USAspike6, RedandWhite, Dust, schooner11, cflisthebest, thescotsman. Congratulations to this group! Everyone is welcome to post their picks, but only these eight will have their picks count.

Second, the deadline is NOT the scheduled kickoff time, but midnight Friday night. All picks must be in by that time; as usual, late picks will not be accepted.

Third, you may not get the teams you pick. A maximum of 4 people may pick each team. In spite of this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick the teams you WANT! Just because you're not in the top four does NOT mean you won't get your teams. If more than four pick any team, I will make the changes, with preference given to the higher-ranked participants. Which teams each participant gets will be posted as a reply to this thread as soon as possible after midnight Friday night, but definitely before game time Saturday. (This was so much easier when the playoffs were played on Sunday!) Once again, PLEASE do not let this rule affect your selections!

Lastly, after this week's games, you will be re-ranked according to this week's results. As in the real CFL, the regular season is thrown out the window (except as a tie-breaker.) It is possible to be ranked #8 this week and #1 next week (and vice-versa.) The top four participants will qualify for the Divisional Finals next week.

Anyway, without further doo-doo, here are the games for the Divisional Semi-finals:
Edmonton @ Winnipeg
B.C. @ Saskatchewan

Good Luck!

Congrats to those that made the playoffs, and good luck to all. Although they don't count my picks this week are:

I'll put in my two cents, since that's about what my opinion is worth. :lol:
Winnipeg: They've shown a lot of improvement over the past few weeks. And no crossover team has ever won a game.
Saskatchewan: B.C. may be the better team, but home field makes a huge difference in Regina.

ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGG. damn tiebraker. haha. Start of the season I was negative in the tiebreaker. Caught up to me.

I’m taking

Thanks a lot Big Dave. I’ll take my 9th place finish

.....Guess i'll put my ' won't -count-at-all ' picks in as well BigDave...great job you've done again this year....i know your Cats will definitely be better next year... :thup:

....RIDERS over Leos

...BOMBERS over Esks.

Saskatchewan over BC
Winnipeg over Edmonton

Thanks BD for another year of fun and excitement. Congrats to the finalists.

My picks are:


I would like to see the Bombers win but I am not convinced they can. Ricky Ray and coy seem to be in the zone now.
Riders will win because of home field advantage.

Should be a great post-season!

CFL in Ottawa in 2010!
Go Sens Go!

I know i picked this up way to late but i posted a 10-3 record for the weeks i did so its a personal victory.
I am going to make my picks for the heck of it tho
Edmonton @ Winnipeg: It will be a very close one but it will end with Winnipeg on top
B.C. @ Saskatchewan: This one will not be close BC will blow them out

rewhite2005 below:

Edmonton @ Winnipeg >Sorry Bomber fans do not want to jinx ya
B.C. @ Saskatchewan > BC needs to silence those rowdy fans by half time or else it will be close

Famous below:


...gotta go with home field advantage no matter what Wally thinks...


Big Dave:

  I checked on the games played between the participating teams in the Division Semi-Finals, and Edmonton and Winnipeg split their two games, with both winning at home.  I know that no crossover team has ever won a game in the playoffs, but I'm not sure if the crossover team has had a record where they were two games better than the team they are playing, for the current season.  (Edmonton 10-8 and Winnipeg 8-10).  In the other Semi-Final, Saskatchewan and BC have played three times with BC winning two of these games, one at home and one on the road, and Saskatchewan winning one on the road.  I don't know what all this means, but I'll use it to help me formulate my selections.
  1. Edmonton @ Winnipeg- I know it's usually better to pick the home team when you're not sure but I think there will be a road team victory this weekend. I think Ricky Ray and the Eskimos have righted the ship and are focused to win a close game from the Blue Bombers. Winnipeg is an average 5-4 at home this year, so home field is not a huge advantage here. I'm taking Edmonton by 5 points.

  2. BC Lions @ Saskatchewan- In this game , I think the home field will be an advantage and make a difference in this game. The Riders are getting healthier than they were earlier in the year, and the quarterback position for BC is murky, with Buck Pierce not 100%, and Jarius Jackson inconsistent at best. I see this game as being a close one, with the home team winning. I'm taking Saskatchewan by 4 points.

    Big Dave, thank you for the entire year; I really surprised myself by doing so well, and having so much fun trying to beat out everyone else. I'm taking a bit of a chance, but if I'm right, I'll really look smart, and if I'm wrong, nobody will remember in a few weeks anyway.

I'll go with

Edmonton over Winnipeg
Saskatchewan over B.C

Thanks for all your hard work Big Dave- Ti-Cats and Riders next year in the Grey Cup- you heard it here 1st!!

My picks are Winnipeg and Riders

I can't believe some of you guys actually made the playoffs with the way you made your picks this week. Only swahgade is correct. :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :roll: :rockin: :cowboy:

semi final picks

Edmonton has a poor road record this year. Winnipeg doesn't have an overly impressive home record this year. No corossover team has ever won a playoff game yet. East teams do not have a good record against west teams this year. Edmonton is last against the run. I have to go with Winnipeg in this one.

BC took the season series this year. Points for and against when these teams palyed one another I believe is 1 point difference. Pierce is battling an injury and Jackson has been somewhat inconsistent. All the Riders quarterbacks have shown inconsistent play this year but still manage to win games. Both of BC's wins were against a injury laden offense in Sask and this issue has mostly been resolved with a good portion of their starters back. Riders have home field advantage. I will take the riders to get the win.

Change of heart big Dave. I wish to reverse my pick in the Esks / Bombers game. Please put my choice to win down as EDMONTON not Winnipeg. :rockin: Thanks and sorry for my waffling!!!!!! I cannot bet against Ricky Ray over Kevin Glenn though the Bombers have been playing better and are at home.


All of them have proved their inconsistent play this year. I will take the riders to get their win having their advantage of home field. With their continues practice I am sure they can do it.


MLS Online


Both games are very hard to figure,

Winnipeg over Edmonton........I have a hard time picking against Ricky Ray but that game in Regina really showed how inconsistance that team can be. Probably crappy weather in the Peg and the Bombers have an excellent running attack so I've got to close my eyes and give Winnipeg a slight edge.

BC over Saskatchewan.......Since I finished 8th in the playoffs I need an upset so this is it. I would be surprised if the Riders actually lose this one.

Edmonton @ Winnipeg
B.C. @ Saskatchewan

ok. however this goes. it's been fun!

2nd straight year in the playoffs is great.