Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

Might as well get my say in while I can, even though they won't count.

Winnipeg over Montreal: the AC-less Als can't beat the full-strength Bombers.

Saskatchewan over Calgary: Tough pick. Tempted to pick the Stamps because of the Riders' playoff inexperience, but that place will be crazy, and that alone should give the Green Riders the edge.

I don't know the first thing about BlackBerries, Neil, but as long as you log in using your username and password, you should be able to do it from any computer on any ISP on the planet.

As I said, I don't know anything about BlackBerries, but I can't see how they'd be any different in that way.

Here are the official picks. (Changed picks are shown in red.):
Neil70: WPG, SASK
thescotsman: WPG, SASK
argotom: WPG, SASK
cflisthebest: MTL, CAL
RedandWhite: MTL, CAL
bluereggie: MTL, CAL
mongo118_1_5: MTL, CAL

cflisthebest, let me explain the way this works and why. If Montreal and Calgary both win, you will go into next week in first place and be guaranteed your own picks. If your picks had not been changed, even if you got both right, you would have finished fifth and been eliminated.

As for the top four advancing in the event of a tie, and as for them being guaranteed their own picks, don't you think they should have an advantage after finishing the regular season in the top 4?

At one time the playoffs were just a continuation of the regular season, and the top competitor would win. The problem was that the winner was usually decided long before the Grey Cup game, sometimes even before the playoffs. This way, no one wins the whole enchilada until someone hoists the Grey Cup.

Those who played it under both systems all prefer the new one.

well it was nice playing! I know i'm done already.

because WE ALL KNOW that Montreal And Calgary Will NOT win... :frowning:

have fun Neil 70 thescotsman. LeBird and Argotom in the Next round!

Big Dave.. if the odds of either teams winning this weekend were better it would have been more fair

but since we all know Winnipeg and Sask will win..

it was a dumb Playoff Format.

why couldn't it have been , where everyone chooses scores.. and whoever was closest to the actual scores, would move on?? at least all 8 of us would have a chance!

Yeah, everyone knew that Winnipeg and Saskatchewan would win. Those 2-point blowouts are just so boring!! It was clear right from the kickoff who was going to win both games, wasn't it? If the odds meant anything, they wouldn't bother playing the games.

All 8 of you had a chance; Montreal and Calgary both came close. If they had both won, that "dumb" playoff format would have put you in first place.

I wouldn't make those changes because this is already enough work doing it the way it is, and adding the score predictions would: (a) require too much modification to my spreadsheet, (b) make the playoffs too different from the regular season, and (c) give no advantage to those who finish the regular season in first place.

Every year no matter what the playoff format, there are people who complain because they feel they're being ripped off. If you had been in first place, you would not be complaining about having that advantage.