Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-Finals

On to the playoffs! Please read this post carefully.

The eight qualifiers are:

  1. Neil70
  2. thescotsman
  3. LeBird
  4. argotom
  5. cflisthebest
  6. RedandWhite
  7. bluereggie
  8. mongo118_1_5

Anyone may make picks, but only those eight will have their picks entered.

Make your picks as usual, but all picks must be in by midnight (EST) Friday night. There is a limit to how many people may pick each team, so you may not get the teams you pick. Don't let that affect your selections: pick the teams you want. On Saturday I will post who gets which teams.

After this week, you will be ranked based on how you did this week, with ties broken by how you did during the regular season. The top four will qualify to continue to the Divisional Finals.

The Divisional Semi-Final games are:
Montreal @ Winnipeg
Calgary @ Saskatchewan

As always, the standings are posted at .

You can view a more complete listing of the rules at

Good luck!

Damn. I went 4-0 and still didn't make the cut. :lol: I'll probably throw my picks in just for the hell of it.

Great pool, BD.

Congrats to the final 8, and good luck to all. Although they wont count my picks for semi-finals are:

Yes great job as always BD.

Thanks Big Dave- you are a great asset to this website. Hope to meet you at a Grey Cup one day.

Saskatchewan will win in a close one over the Stamps and Winnipeg will win over the Anthonyless Als.

;;;here's a 'just for fun ' pick BigDave....seeing as i didn't make the
Winnipeg Blue Bombers , Montreal Alouettes
Wpg. wins
Saskatchewan Roughriders Calgary Stampeders
Sask. wins
thanks again BigDave for all your efforts on another season....keep er goin Big Guy... :thup:


....yee haw, love the playoffs!....Thanks Big D!....

Thanks for all your hard work Big Dave.

Just for fun......

WINNIPEG Over Montreal. With Charles Roberts back, Winnipeg should be able to beat the "Brady Bunch" WINNIPEG by 3

Calgary over Saskatchewan. Riders are so happy to get a home playoff spot, they overlook Calgary and are thinking about BC. Burris gets hot and will spread the passing attack around to his receivers. Reynolds is due for a big game. Andre Proulx will call a phantom call against the Riders in the last minute. CALGARY by 3


Thanks again BigDave


Thanks a lot BigDave. I didn't perform as well as I would have liked but thems the breaks.

Montreal @ Winnipeg: Two teams that are not playing the best football of the season. Montreal without AC will struggle, and I think the Bombers might actually break out of their funk and dominate this game.
Winner: Bombers

Calgary @ Saskatchewan: I think this is gonna be a hell of a game, and I think its gonna be a tail of two halfs. I predict that Calgary will be either winning or really playing well in the first half. Sask is gonna turn it on in the second though and win by a touchdown or more.

Go Riders Go

It would only be fair. :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally would like to say that this is kinda not fair.. because everyone knows logically that the Correct choices will be Winnipeg and Saskatchewan.

Everyone chooses them then the top 4 players will move on!

but anyways

Winnipeg OVER Montreal
Saskatchewan OVER Calgary!

good luck, see yea in the Div Final!


Thanks BD

I’m going to be traveling for the next couple of days and want to be able to post my picks from my Blackberry instead of my laptop. The two devices have different ISP’s. I can get on the site with the Blackberry but can’t log in. Do I need a log-in name and password for the BB that is different from my laptop?
Jeez, I’d hate to miss those pearls of wisdom from Arius, the world’s foremost authority on everything.

Here are my for fun picks:

Montreal @ Winnipeg: This pick was tough because Brady has been playing well. But the Bombers are a decent home team, and the Als aren't that strong on the road. I think it'll come down to home field for these two struggling teams. Although I could honestly see the Als getting the upset.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan: The Stamps haven't won a playoff game since 2001, and they're terrible on the road. Over the last two seasons the Stamps have gone 4-14 on the road. Not a record you want when stepping into Ridersville. The Riders have consistently played well at home with a 12-6 record over the last two seasons. Both have great offences, when hot, so I think it'll come down to home field.

Not like my picks are going to stick…hell, I’m lucky I still hung onto the 8th seed. But regardless, the Division Semi-Final picks…

Montréal over Winnipeg
Saskatchewan over Calgary

Thanks for the season, BigDave.


I haven’t received a response to my earlier post on this thread. If anyone knows how you can log onto this site from an alternate device using a different ISP, I’d really appreciate it if you would PM the information to me.

...should just be the same login and password Neil, I haven't tried from my BB but I'll give it a shot and see what happens...I've logged in to the site from pretty much all over the west and once even from california, so many different ISPs...