Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Semi-finals

The VGCC, like the CFL, is now entering its second season: the playoffs.

Just as with the real CFL, some of us are going home. Thanks for playing, better luck next year. That is an unfortunate fact of life in sports and in the VGCC: there can only be one champion, so as the rest of us are eliminated, we are forced to watch from the sidelines as others continue on the road to glory.

The top eight carry on into the divisional semi-finals. That seems a bit harsh when 86 people have participated this year, but in a three-week post-season, eight becomes an easy number to work with. Using the Aggregate Spread as the tie-breaker, those eight people are:

  1. BigGreenMachine
  2. Rattler
  4. geo365
  5. Neil70
  6. Eskylo
  8. Fooks

Anyone may make picks in this thread, but only those eight will count.

Unlike the regular season, where picks can be made right up until game time, these people must make their picks by Friday night at midnight. You can change your picks in the usual way, but changes must be in by the deadline. If your picks are late, you will be 0-0 for the week, and will be ranked below those who go 0-2!

Make your picks in the usual way. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the teams you want. Only half of the group may pick either team, with preference given to those who are ranked higher. This sounds bad, but I assure you that I only make a change when someone’s picks give them no chance of advancing. (Of the total of twenty-six picks made during the post-season last year, only four were changed, so it really doesn’t happen as often as people might think.) Despite this, please pick the team you want, and let me worry about the numbers.

I will post who gets which teams on Saturday.

Like with the CFL, these are sudden-death playoffs. After the games are played on Sunday, the new rankings will be posted. You will be ranked based on how you did THIS WEEK, with the regular-season rankings used only as a tie-breaker. It is possible, then, to be ranked eighth now and ranked first after the games are played. The top four participants advance into the divisional finals next week.

This week’s games are:
Winnipeg @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Calgary

Good luck!

(You can still view the standings at )

Let me be the first. All winners ( I hope)

Toronto: Glenn questionable for the playoffs and Banks just didn't look that good, plus...Toronto's at home!

Calgary: As much as I'd love to see Saskatchewan advance, I think it would take a miracle in Calgary. Plus..Butler is now questionable so things just don't look good.

Many thanks BigDave on one heck of a job putting this all together for us schlepps. It really makes a season that much more exciting. :rockin:

my picks are


Down to the nitty gritty......

Toronto....Kevin Glenn wont finish the game

Calgary.....better talent, better coaching = victory

I was robbed, I entered my picks every week but my total is missing 3 games...

Hats off to Big Dave for all his work providing entertainment for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all owe you Big fella, and, better luck to your Ti-Cats next season!

  1. Winnipeg is done. Toronto to win.

  2. Everything suggests Calgary should win, but, stranger things have happened over the past few years in the semis. If the Riders get off to a good start watch out. I pick the underdog Riders in an upset!!!!!!!!!!!

Rider Pride Nation Wide!!

...I was robbed too....I used my brain to pick scores instead of what KK used....and look what my method got me.....stupid brain....

...sorry for intruding on this thread BigDave.(didn't quite make it)...but i would like to thank you for the expert job you did and are doing with the VGCC...IT WAS LOTS OF FUN...and hope you can do it again next cudos to you once again...and good luck to all the finalists.... :thup:

My picks are Winnipeg and Saskatchewan, albeit I didn't make the top 8, so they're really just for fun now...Anyway:
However, came somewhat close!! Thanks again, BD! Props to ya for the hard work you to with the VGCC :slight_smile:

Winnipeg @ Toronto - Hmm not sure about this one. I don't think Toronto is that strong. I am gonna pick the Bombers (I want the bombers in there so I am hoping they win
Winner: Bombers

Saskatchewan @ Calgary - As I am gonna be there, and the Riders are 1-0 with me attending the western semis I think I will bet on my Riders. Plus I got a feeling
Winner: Riders

And thanks Bigdave. I missed one week. darnit, If I would have won that week (3-0) I would have been in maybe. anyways. Thanks

A note to the mods... how do we know KK's picks if they are edited?? I will guess he took Winnipeg and Calgary...

BigDave, Kanga went with Toronto and Calgary. He PMed me his picks.

Thanks alot for the big work you’ve invest in this game this year again. Someday… SOMEDAY… I will make the playoffs. The last two years, I was out of it by an eyelash. This season, I was further away.

But someday… SOMEDAY…

He's been predicting Winnipeg in the cup all
year, and he chooses toronto........WTF.

He pm'd me saying he is choosing Toronto.

He should hang his head in shame.

He said he would have taken Winnipeg with a healthy Glenn, but must now go with Toronto. His real words were:

"My heart says WInnipeg, but my head says Toronto. My head is usually better."


Well i have to give him credit, im pretty sure
last year he was below .500, so he really
did well this yr.

Winnipeg over Toronto
Saskatchewan over Calgary


Bombers and Riders.