Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

The standings after the Divisional Semi-Finals are posted here.

The top 4 qualify for the Divisional Finals.

The rules are a little different for the post-season. Make your picks as normal, but all picks must be made before midnight Friday night. If fewer than 4 of the qualifying participants make picks before the deadline, the next highest-ranked participant who makes picks will have their picks count.

On Saturday, I will post each qualifying person’s picks. Check them and post, as a reply to this thread, any errors prior to the scheduled kickoff time on Sunday.

After the game, participants will be ranked based on the number of correct picks this week, with the number of correct picks last week, followed by the regular-season standings, used as a tie-breaker.

The top 2 participants will qualify for the Grey Cup.

The complete rules are posted here.

Here are the qualifying participants:

  1. ralfsnart
  2. Leorocks1
  3. MrLucky
  4. diehardesks

And here are the games:
Edmonton @ Ottawa
B.C. @ Calgary

Good luck!

Making my picks, though at this point no one cares.

Ottawa over Edmonton: The Esks barely beat a Ticat team with their top 3 receivers out, as well as a couple of new guys in the secondary. Facing a relatively healthy (and rested) Ottawa team will be a different story. Redblacks by 9.

Calgary over BC: I’m cheering for the Lions, but when it comes right down to it, common sense says pick Calgary. Stamps by 4.

I can't believe what happened on Sunday. Both games were so close. I was lucky to go 2-0 in the semis.
Ottawa: The Redblacks will be ready after a long break to beat Edmonton. Ottawa by 10. :smiley:
Calgary: Even though this matchup seems easy to pick it's not. Calgary was really good this year and so was B.C. . B.C. could barely beat Calgary and same thing the other way. Calgary by 1-3.

The Grey Cup will be Ottawa V.S. Calgary hopefully.
Thanks BD! :rockin:

Congrats to the top 4, well done. :rockin:

Finals weather update

CGY weather on Sunday, Sunny and high of 4

OTT weather on Sunday, Light rain, possible flurries, high of 4

In case you are wondering

Grey Cup weather in Toronto on NOV. 27

70% chance of showers :frowning: and high of 5

Sigh.. if O'Shea had gone for a first down instead of a 61yd Field goal I might be here.

Signs of inept coaching

Edmonton @ Ottawa
B.C. @ Calgary



.....Agreed....If the Bombers are to advance any further next year, those types of calls will have to be eliminated.............................................Looks like it could very well be an all-west Cup game


Edmonton and Calgary, though again either games could be argued other way. This is the game that Calgary could be too rusty.

If the Stamps don't get complacent and be the Esks of 89 then they'll win.

BC will give them all they can take.

G.C. West Semi.
Ottawa :wink:
B.C. 8)

Good Luck! :rockin:

Sigh, I got robbed. :frowning:

EDM - They will get another favorable call from the command center and win this! :stuck_out_tongue:

CGY - Because they are better. :cowboy:

I pick:



Wow ... So glad I made it this far.

Divisional Finals (picks);

Edmonton vs Ottawa - Edmonton - This game could truly go either way, but I really think that the ground game is where Edmonton has the advantage. With most other things being "equal". Edmonton by 3.

B.C. vs Calgary - Calgary - I have a hard time believing that "the manny show" is going to pass concussion protocols in time for this game (if we REALLY do have concussion protocols in the CFL). I think Calgary is going to come out slow, but by the second half, they should be "up to speed". This is Calgary, at home, in McMahon Stadium where they have an 85% winning percentage going back to 2008 ... This is going to be a hard fought battle, but ... Calgary by 7.

If I am right in my prediction, the resulting Grey Cup will not be "good" for the CFL, but it sure will be fun to be here in Alberta on Grey Cup day!

Good Luck to by fellow competitors and Thank you Big Dave for running this contest.



Calgary :cowboy:



Thanks again Big Dave

Here are the picks as I have them entered:

  1. ralfsnart: OTT, CAL
  2. Leorocks1: OTT, CAL
  3. MrLucky: EDM, CAL
  4. diehardesks: EDM, CAL

If these are incorrect, please post a reply letting me know before the scheduled kickoff time.

So it looks like the Eastern Final will decide which two will advance to the Virtual Grey Cup.

Congrats ralfsnart and Leorocks1 on making it to the final