Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

Suggestion for Big Dave on a three way tie- If Calgary wins the West Final, Neil70 moves on. The other two predict how many points will be scored and the one closest moves into the VGCC final. All in all thanks Big Dave for doing this VGCC.

The way the playoffs are structured in the VGCC is meant to mirror the playoffs of the CFL. Post-season wins are worth more than regular season wins, because they allow you to continue. Likewise with the VGCC.

Participants who finish higher in the regular season have an advantage in that they can pick their teams; while qualifiers who finish lower either pick strategically and hope for an upset, or they pick their teams knowing that they can’t qualify.

Players qualify by: (a) getting more correct guesses in the current week; or (b) getting as many as other players but having a higher regular season ranking. I think this is the fairest and most entertaining way to do it.