Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

The standings after the Divisional Semi-Finals are posted here.
The top four people qualify for the Divisional Finals. They are:

  1. leorocks
  2. Neil70
  3. stamphater
  4. RedBlacksGirl

Here’s a summary of the playoff rules:
You must make picks in order to advance.
IF fewer than four participants make picks, the next highest-ranked participants to make picks will qualify, up to a total of four participants.
On Saturday, I will list the qualifying participants and their picks. Report any errors to me as a reply to this thread before the scheduled kickoff time.
After the Divisional Final games, participants are ranked based on the number of correct picks this week. Record in Divisional Semi-Final games and regular season standings are used as a tie-breaker.
The top TWO participants will qualify for the Grey Cup.
The complete rules are posted here.

Now on to the Divisional Finals. Edmonton and Ottawa have a bye this week.
Hamilton @ Ottawa
Calgary @ Edmonton

Good luck!

Making my picks, because that's what I do, and hey, at #6, you never know if a couple of people fall asleep at the switch. :wink:

Hamilton @ Ottawa: Homer picks got me to a 6th-place finish, so why stop now? Hamilton is a more complete team than Ottawa is, with a better defence and better special teams. Don't let the last couple of weeks fool you, when Hamilton was struggling to find their QB. They've found him. Cats by 8.

Calgary @ Edmonton: Calgary's run ends here. Edmonton is healthier, and this year they know they can beat Calgary. Calgary has the better offence, but Edmonton has the better defence, and defence wins championships. Esks by 4.

Calgary (i think 3 weeks off is going to hurt Edmonton)

Well, surprise surprise, by picking BC over Calgary, I didn't make it into the top four. But given how far down the rankings I was, I wasn't going to make it without betting against the house. It was worth a shot - the only one I had. Still, one and one, so I finished ahead of a few others. :slight_smile:

Not that it matters now, but I'm making my picks for the divisional finals anyway.

Hamilton @ Ottawa - Masoli now has a successful start under his belt, and the Ticats defence and special teams looked good again this week. (Of course, it was only the Argos. :o ) The Redblacks' offence is probably going to be its usual powerhouse. But their defence won't be able to handle the new and improved Masoli.

Calgary @ Edmonton - Probably the two best teams in the league (now, due to Collaros's injury), and should be a close game. But with the rest the Eskimos have had, they should be able to beat the Stamps at home - once they shake off the rust from being off for three weeks.

I am going to see Ottawa kick Hamilton’s butt on Sunday. Go Redblacks! :rockin:

Ottawa :roll:
Edmonton: Hard choice but I think the crowd will help Edmonton

Thanks BD! :smiley:

Wonder if someone in the final 4 take a risk and pick as follows...

Ottawa vs Hamilton - HAMILTON
Edmonton vs Calgary - CALGARY

Congrats to the final and good luck to all, just for fun I will do picks:

Calgary- this will one heckuva football game... I think it will be back and forth, both the Esks and Stamps have a great shot at winning this one, I will take Calgary by 2.

Ottawa- Burris has been lights out this year, and I don't see the Cats stopping him... should be another good one, but I believe Smilin' Hank will be the difference... Ottawa by 3


I'm out but finished at 11th not bad . Thanks Dave for all the work you've done this year :thup: :thup: :thup:

I am so proud of my son (leorocks) for hanging on to the number one spot!!! GO LEO!!!

I want to see a Calgary-Ottawa Grey Cup - because I grew up in Calgary and I love the horse charging down the sidelines after a TD even more than I love the REdblack Lumberjacks sawing the log.

And so that's who I'm picking. OTTAWA and CALGARY

P. S. Go LEO !

good luck all


Well, I'm out. 7th in the season and down to 8th after the first round. :cry: Should never have bet that Millanovich could win a playoff game. :twisted: Oh well, my best season so far so not all bad. :rockin:

I'm going with

Ottawa - D is far better than the boat people
Calgary - Very close game and the 3 week layoff will be the difference

Congrats and good luck to the final 4.

Thanks BigDave for another season of VGCC and all the work you put into it. :rockin: :rockin:

Grey Cup Divisional Finals.
Ottawa :rockin:

:? Edmonton

(Horse stays Home :wink:)

"BigDave" Now on to the Divisional Finals. Edmonton and Ottawa have a bye this week. Hamilton @ Ottawa Calgary @ Edmonton
Do Hamilton & Calgary win by default? :roll: ...or do they play each other? :wink:

My picks are:


Thank you


If Neil70 doesn't check in picks, Richard moves to the 4th spot.

And heeeeeeeere's Neil70!
Sorry guys.


Thanks for doing this again, Dave. It's always fun.

The picks are in! Here's the picks I have for the top 4:

  1. leorocks: OTT, EDM
  2. Neil70: OTT, CAL
  3. stamphater: OTT, CAL
  4. RedBlacksGirl: OTT, CAL

If there are errors, reply to this thread to let me know before 1 pm Sunday; otherwise, these picks are official.

For those who are interested in analyzing these picks, here's the scenario:

The winner of the Eastern Final does not matter, as all participants chose Ottawa.

If Edmonton wins the Western Final, the Grey Cup participants will be leorocks and Neil70. If Calgary wins, the final two will be Neil70 and stamphater. So Neil70 is in, RedBlacksGirl is out.

Proof right there in the pudding Big Dave, RedBlacksGirl has no chance in the #4 spot unless she changes her one pick from Calgary to Edmonton. It could have been you Dave at #4 and thus; my, my Big Dave gets beat in his own game. RedBlacksGirl? Change your one pick, you have nothing to lose. Even better, pick Hamilton and you could win it all. Cheers.

What is it with you, Taylorfield?

Last week you breathlessly named the person who would move on if one of the four remaining players (me) failed to make their picks on time. Do you not think Big Dave was capable of figuring that out for himself?

Now you are implying that the manner in which Redblacksgirl was eliminated was somehow unfair. I don't hear her complaining. BrianJox finished the season first overall by making more accurate picks than the rest of us 8 times a week for 18 weeks, a far more impressive accomplishment than picking 2 semi-final games correctly, and yet he was eliminated in the semis. I don’t hear him complaining.

Big Dave puts a lot of work into this every year to provide the rest of us with a little entertainment – it’s a fun thing with absolutely nothing on the line. If you have a suggestion that improves the process (assuming Dave wants to do this again) I’m sure he would like to hear it. Otherwise, you just come across as whiny.

The pot calling the Kettle black - taylorfield is guilty of this very thing of which he accuses another, it's mirrored. I need to hear what people think so I improve on a wrong. I'll try to come up with a suggestion that may improve The VGCC. Thanks Neil70. Cheers