Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

Montreal @ Hamilton
Edmonton @ Calgary

Thanks for another fun year Big Dave!


by the way its still before midnite on the west coast :lol:


Last week's picks were easy. This week's? Not so much.

My picks for the Finals:

Montreal @ Hamilton - There's a reason these two teams ended up tied. If the game were in Montreal, I might be tempted to go with the Als. But the Ticats are at home in front of a full house. The crowd will win this one.

Edmonton @ Calgary - Again, both of these teams have been playing well. But the Stamps are just a bit better than the Eskimos.

Okay, the deadline has passed, and here are the picks for the Eastern Final:

  1. taylorfield: HAM, CAL
  2. schooner11: HAM, CAL
  3. cfleskfan: HAM, EDM
  4. Eskylo: MTL, CAL

Let me know by 1pm EST tomorrow if I have any of your picks incorrect.

After the Divisional Finals, these participants will be ranked based on the number of correct picks made this week. Ties will be broken according to the number of correct picks made last week, followed by the regular season standings. The top 2 will qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup.

I think Eskylo's change may have been a strategic move, knowing that with the picks the way they were, he couldn't finish higher than #3, even if he got both games correct. But I understand your point, though, and will consider some options.

One possibility is to allow NO changes to post-season picks. Some people may choose to wait until the last minute, but they would risk getting their picks in late, and missing out. Something to consider.

You could also have the semi-finalists and finalists PM you with their choices if you don't like strategic picks. I think it is a bit more interesting when strategic picks are allowed but as Big Dave points out, a person could wait till the last minute and accomplish the same thing. It also seems to me that nobody made more that one change, they haven't gone back and forth.

Yes Big Dave it is a strategic move by Eskylo, but earlier I picked Montreal just [in fun perhaps?] to see how others are going to pick. Then change-up to Hamilton, thus Eskylo changed-up to Montreal and that's cool. One other point to consider for next year involves the final 2 in the Grey Cup. The #1 handle takes the favorite more times than not, leaving #2 handle with no choice and gets the underdog. I suggest #2 handle can also choose the favorite, however the point spread now comes into play. Example; Handle #1 picks the favorite and gives the point spread to handle #2, or vise versa if handle #1 chooses the underdog. Just food for thought.

You are all correct, it was a strategic move. I was forced to take
Montreal, as it was my only chance to move on.

Didn't work out, but i tried.

Good luck to the two finalists, taylorfield and schooner11.

Eskylo, you did well also and I thank you. This years VGCC was the hardest one to get to the top with my aggregate being lower than most, however getting 7 perfect weeks to place in top spot, along with taking a risk [on certain picks] was with luck along the way.