Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

The standings are posted here.

The top 4 qualify for the Divisional Finals. They are:

  1. taylorfield
  2. schooner11
  3. cfleskfan
  4. Eskylo

Everyone is encouraged to make picks, but only these 4 will have their picks count. HOWEVER, if any of them fail to get their picks in on time, the next-highest ranked participant will qualify. So if you're even close, you're best to make your picks.

PICKS MUST BE IN BY MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT. That is a hard deadline, just like always. You can make or change your picks up until that deadline. On Saturday, I will post who picked which teams. Please check it and correct me if there are any errors PRIOR to the scheduled kickoff time; otherwise, your picks will stand as I have them.

(For those who have been doing this for a while, keep in mind that there is no longer any limit to the number of people who can pick each team.)

After the games, participants will be ranked based on how many games they got correct this week, with ties broken based on the number of correct picks last week, followed by the regular-season standings. The top 2 will qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup.

The complete rules are posted here.

Now on to the Divisional Finals.
Montreal @ Hamilton
Edmonton @ Calgary

Good luck!


Thanks Dave!

I might as well make my picks again. (I nearly squeaked into the playoffs last week, and if stamphater hadn't made any picks, I'd be sitting in 4th place right now, and these picks would mean something. Oh well, my own fault for not finishing higher than 13th this season.)

Montreal @ Hamilton: If Montreal thinks they can repeat their performance from the semi-final this week, they're in for a surprise. Crompton's passing numbers were mediocre at best, and they won with the running game. But now they're facing the best run defence in the country, and similar to the final week of the season, I expect Hamilton to shut them down. These aren't the Lions, and you aren't in Montreal anymore. These are the BIG cats, and you're in OUR house now. Cats by 11.

Edmonton @ Calgary: The defence gets 5 interceptions, and the offence only scores 11 points? No way you can squander that many opportunities against Calgary and come out with a win. No way they'll get that many opportunities. If Reilly plays, this may be interesting, though with his bad foot he's only a shadow of his normal self. Stamps by 6.

Hamilton and Calgary in the Grey Cup.

Book it !! :smiley: :thup: GREY CUP 102-Nov.30/2014 :slight_smile: :smiley: :cowboy: BC Place.

Montreal vs Hamilton - MONTREAL
Edmonton vs Calgary - CALGARY

My picks are:




Regardless of the outcomes, good luck to the other 3 Finalists, good job getting this far and thanks Big Dave for the work you put into this!

I'll take the two 1st Place/Home Teams. Hamilton & Calgary win this weekend & meet each other in GC102.


Big Dave

I have decided that I need to pick one home team. Please change my picks to:


One change up Big Dave,

Montreal vs Hamilton - HAMILTON

Thanks for another great year Dave!!! You and this thread make up a huge part of my CFL season and I can't thank you enough!!


Calgary :cowboy:

Hi Dave;

One change also.

I now choose Montreal. (sorry)



Hi Big Dave; next season top 8 should only be allowed one change up for semi-final and east-west final. Just a suggestion?
Otherwise this could happen, change ups going back and forth until deadline time.

I dont plan on making any more changes?

Do you?


Ditto :cowboy:

Divisional Finals.
Montreal :twisted:
Edmonton :roll:


My picks for the Finals: