Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

Down to the Final Four, in the CFL and the VGCC.

The standings are posted here.

The top 4 participants qualify for the Divisional FInals. They are:

  1. Dust
  2. CatsFaninOttawa
  3. Green Gopher
  4. Billy_Soup

I'll post the playoff rules again, just as a reminder.

In order to count, picks must be made by midnight Friday night. No exceptions, no excuses. You guys know I can be a real hard-arse about this. Any changes must also be in by this time in order to be accepted.

Everyone is encouraged to make picks, but only the top 4 who make picks will have their picks count. That means that if someone qualifies for the Divisional Finals and doesn't get their picks in, the next person on the list will take their spot.

Make your picks the same way you normally would.

On Saturday, as a reply to this thread, I will post a list of the qualifying participants and their teams. Check this and let me know if I've made a mistake with a reply to this thread before the scheduled kickoff time of the first game, because after it is too late, and your picks will stand as I have them. Note that this time period is to check for accuracy, NOT an opportunity to change your picks.

After the Divisional Final games, participants will be ranked based on the number of correct picks in the Divisional Finals. The number of correct picks in the semi-finals, followed by the regular season standings, will be used as a tie-breaker.

The top 2 participants will qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup.

Okay, here we go. These are the games for the Divisional Finals:
Hamilton @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Calgary

Good luck!

Well, after 9 straight correct picks to get into the playoffs, B.C. let me down and I'm out. Oh well, an 8th-place finish is not something to be ashamed of, particularly after the way I started the season.

But, for the record, here are my picks for the Divisional Finals:

Hamilton @ Toronto: The Ticats have won 2 out of 3 games against the Argos, with or without Ricky Ray. Hamilton has gone 10-4 since their 1-4 start, and was 8-2 against the East, winning the series against all 3 divisional opponents, this year. Ricky Ray (who by game time will not have played in three and a half weeks) and Chad Owens are overrated, as the Argos have a better record without these two players than they do with them. If Burris has a decent game, Hamilton wins; if Good Hank shows up, this could get ugly. Cats by 11.

Saskatchewan @ Calgary: This is a tough call. Saskatchewan finished the season cold, but their win over the Lions probably put an end to any doubts that may have been growing in the backs of their minds. Durant is good, especially when Sheets is on his game. If Calgary can limit Sheets, that will put a lot of pressure on Durant. At this point I don't know the status of Getzlaf, but if he doesn't play, Durant may be in trouble. Calgary on the other hand is Jon Cornish. If the Riders can stop him, they win this game. But teams have found that easier to say than do this year, as evidenced by Calgary's 14-4 record. Stamps by 6.

In the East final...

Hamilton @ Toronto- After watching the Burris-Lefevour tandem at work, they just might pull it off again... Hamilton by 3

Saskatchewan @ Calgary- I'm going with the total homer pick here... Sask by 3

I'm not in the running,but I'm predicting a
Toronto -Saskatchewan Grey Cup.
Good luck to the contenders and
Thanks BigDave!

My picks this week;

Hamilton vs Toronto: Toronto - Hamilton needed overtime to beat montreal ... need I say more. Toronto by 7

Calgary vs Saskatchewan: Calgary - Calgary has an excellent home record this year and the Riders seem to continue to be stuck in a "funk". IF the Riders can pull out a good game, it should be a close game, however, if they show up like they did in Mosaic ... they are going to get creamed. Calgary by 7 (hoping that more than just the Rider fans show up at MacMahon on Sunday ... maybe the team too?)


Thank you, Riders, for coming back to win. With seven of the eight of us going for the Ticats, it all came down to the western game. And that win put me through to the next round. Whew!

Here are my picks for the Divisional Finals:

Hamilton @ Toronto - The Ticats have done well against the Argos all year, coming within one play of sweeping the regular season series. (Gable made up for that with a showstring catch on almost the same play at the end of the EDSF game. If he could only catch one, I'm glad it was this one.) It definitely won't be a cakewalk, the Ticats should be able to win it now that they are finally almost completely healthy.

Saskatchewan @ Calgary - Sheets vs. Cornish. Durant vs. Glenn. Dressler, Smith & Simon vs. McDaniel, Price & Arthur. Wow. This one's going to be exciting, and could go either way. But I think Calgary is just that little bit stronger, and they're at home.

My picks are Toronto and Saskatchewan.


Divisional Finals:
Hamilton :rockin:
Calgary :twisted:

Woohoo, final four, would have liked to be higher than the forth seed though. See how this week goes.
Go Riders


I'll gladly be wrong on my Calgary pick, as that would mean the Riders are in the Grey Cup.

Hamilton @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ Calgary

Hamilton over Toronto in a shoot-out in the EDF.
Calgary holds serve at home in a lower-scoring but very physical WDF.

Final four!

I'll go with the same picks as last week.



Hoping for this matchup!!!

I now I'm out but ...


Hamilton @Toronto - I can't believe that Hamilton is still actually hanging around. Despite Kent Austin's promise the week before, the Cats were NOT ready to play last week. Toronto is a much better prepared team with a better QB and a better defense.
Saskatchewan @Calgary - Calgary should win this but the Riders have three big intangibles: magic, destiny, and (seriously) home field advantage.

Here's how we're picking them for the Divisional Finals:
HAM over TOR (75.00%)
SASK/CAL TIE (50.00%)

You have until 12 midnight tonight if you want to make any changes. I'll post the official picks tomorrow.

Congrats to the final four, I’ll go with Argos vs Roughriders meet/play for The Grey Cup.

So another week of the eastern game meaning nothing for me in the VGCC. Stamps win, I'm in; Riders win, I'm out. (I came very close to switching my picks last night to improve my chances.) So with that said,...


Sorry I didn't post these yesterday, but I got caught up watching CIS football, and then one thing led to another, and the next thing I knew it was this morning.

Anyway, here are the picks I have entered for the top 4:

  1. Dust: HAM, CAL
  2. CatsFaninOttawa: HAM, CAL
  3. Green Gopher: HAM, SASK
  4. Billy_Soup: TOR, SASK

I've already double-checked them, so I'm sure these are right, but if there is an error, please let me know as soon as possible.

Good luck!

Congrats Dust on making it in. Go green go

Second half adjustments? Please?

Sigh. Congratulations to Green Gopher and Dust for making it to the Virtual Grey Cup.