Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

Big Dave:

  1. Toronto @ Montreal- A well rested Alouette team playing at home versus a team that can be very good and also very bad. It would be great to see an upset and have a team in the Grey Cup that hasn't been there for awhile, but this won't happen here. Montreal is too good for Toronto and should take the game. I'm taking Montreal by 7 points.

  2. Calgary @ BC Lions- The best team in the league playing at home against a formidable opponent who has been hot for the last month or so. The Lions playing in Vancouver makes them the favorite versus the Stampeders, and their talent level makes them the choice here. I'm taking the BC Lions by 5 points.

Thanks for allowing me to have so much fun making my picks.

Well, after fluking my way into the Finals through rtk350's misfortune (tough luck rtk350; the exact same thing happened to me two years ago, where I missed a critical week and gave up 1st place) I squandered it by picking the Lions :x

GOOD LUCK brianjox and Sportsmen (I think)!