Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

The standings are posted here.

The rules are posted here.

There are a few changes from the regular season rules. They are:

  1. Picks must be in no later than MIDNIGHT FRIDAY NIGHT in order to be accepted. No late picks will be accepted.

  2. Only the top 4 participants will have their picks accepted. HOWEVER, anyone who does not get their picks in on time will be deemed to have forfeited their spot, and the next-highest ranked participant who makes picks will qualify, even if they were not one of the top 8! For this reason, everyone should make picks, because you never know...

  3. On Saturday I will post the picks of the four divisional final participants.

  4. After Sunday's games, participants will be ranked based on the number of correct picks this week, with the number of correct picks last week, followed by their regular season rankings, used as a tie-breaker.

  5. The top 2 participants will qualify for the Virtual Grey Cup.

The top 8 participants are:

  1. rtk350
  2. brianjox
  3. NateB3
  4. Sportsmen

Here are the games for the Divisional Finals:
Toronto @ Montreal
Calgary @ B.C.

Good luck!

What the heck, I'll make my picks.

Montreal over Toronto. Montreal should be well rested and healed after the bye week. They're at home, and they don't often lose in the big stadium. The Argos may want it more, but Montreal is simply a better team. Als by 5.

B.C. over Calgary. B.C. are the reigning champs, and were the best team in the regular season. Hard to imagine they'd lose here. Lions by 3.

I will go with the upsets in both games:

Toronto by a FG
Calgary by 4...

Woo-hoo! Finally, a perfect week. But, too little, too late - sort of like Hamilton's defence this year.

Not that it matters, but here are my picks for the division finals.

  • Montreal over Toronto - Not totally convinced on this one, but I think Montreal's defence might be able to shut down Ray to some extent. And Montreal's offence should be too much against Toronto's defence by the end. I predict a close game, with Calvillo putting on a show with some last minute heroics.
  • Calgary over BC - Calgary has been playing well lately, better than BC from what I've seen. Even if they did have trouble knocking off the Riders yesterday. And even if Lulay is back to form.

As much as I hate to do it, for the East I pick Montreal.

For the West ... I pick Calgary by a field goal. Calgary is peaking at the right time and BC hasn't played a meaningful game in weeks. Keon Raymond's Statement last night shows what type of team Calgary is this year ... "We beleive as long as there is still time on the clock we can win the game." That statement alone tells me that the Stamps are going to be worthy opponents for anyone they play.


Congrats to the top 4 and all the best the rest of the way.

Toronto at Montreal - MONTREAL
Calgary at B.C. - CALGARY

Cheers to Big Dave for his time and effort.


Good luck to all!


While I was sitting on the stall for the last game at BC Place. I over heard Mark Cohon say to David Braley, that they would change the name this year from the Grey Cup to the Braley Cup. So Conspiracy people I put two and two together and came up with five. Here are my picks for this week,

TORONTO Over Montreal. Statiscally Montreal should win this one. But Toronto seems to be on a bit of a roll, Montreal's secondary is suspect. I think this one will be a "Shoot-Out" with the last team with the ball winning. Up-set special! TORONTO By 2

BC Over Calgary. BC Players walked into their dressing room yesterday, and sitting in each one of their stalls was the Calgary Herald's sports page with Nik Lewis's comments, about guaranteeing a win. I think this one should also be a great game to watch. BC By 4

I’ll pick:

Argos are not facing an injury-riddled team this week,and Als’ main man,Cavillo,will stand his ground.Playing indoors will not be a factor.

Calgary really didn’t impress me last week,they showed some weaknesses . B.C. remains strong under the dome.

Many thanks BigDave!

…Montreal over T.O…I think this will be the teacher (trestman) over the student (milanovitch)…Although the Als. are hurting they should sqeak- out a win …

…B.C. over Cal…Too much fire-power in the leos line-up for the cowboys to overcome…This one will probably be a close-one but the Lions are the best team in the league right now and most likely will be on their way to T.O., for another Cup appearance…

My picks:


Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals:

Montreal 8)
B.C. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are my picks for the Divisional Finals:

British Columbia



I feel that all fours teams have the potential to win. Looking forward to a couple of entertaining games!

Thanks BigDave!!

Long time no talk to Big Dave,

:rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: :roll:

My picks are for the underdogs:

  1. Toronto will somehow win in a snoozer.
  2. Calgary will win the turnover battle and defeat the Lions in their own den.

Grey Cup will be for the home town ARGOs unbelievably. Ricky Ray will get the last laugh. You heard it here first.

Of course the Riders are better than all four remaining teams :wink:


I can't believe I am thinking that Toronto will come to life at just the right time given the great enabler that is that Montreal defence.

All the same Toronto is still better than that Winnipeg team from last year that made the Grey Cup.

Thanks for the great Effort Dave
BC Lions Very little between them. Lions a little more playoff experience.
Toronto Just a gut feeling for a exciting team. Logic says pick the home team!! But got to go for the win.!!

I have been out of town for work and missed the deadline... my picks would have been:

Toronto @ Montreal - Peaking at the right time and the 100th is at home. Do you need any more motivation?
Calgary @ BC - Too many hurdles to overcome for Calgary.

That means rpaege gets the nod as the 4th seed 8)

Here are the picks for the Divisional Finals:

  1. brianjox: TOR, BC
  2. NateB3: MTL, BC
  3. Sportsmen: TOR, BC
  4. rpaege: TOR, BC

rtk350 missed the deadline and drops to 5th place.