Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

The standings are posted here. If the old standings show up, click your browser's REFRESH button, and you should see the current ones.

The top four qualify for the Divisional Finals. They are:

  1. papazoola
  2. MKP_CFLfan
  3. DAN38
  4. ralfsnart

However, everyone is still welcome to post their picks. In fact, if you're close to the top 4, I recommend you do so.

You folks by now all know the basic rules, so I'm not going to rehash them again. They're still posted here if you want to read them. There are just a few differences from the regular season.

First of all, the deadline for picks is midnight Friday night (EST). No exceptions. Anyone who does not have their picks in by that time forfeits, and will drop out of the top 4. This is a little different from last year, and is the reason why I say if you're close, you should make your picks; it's the top 4 who participate who qualify.

Another difference from last year that isn't in the official rules yet, is that I'm not changing any more picks, at least not in the divisional playoffs. I'm leaving it up to you to make your picks strategically. But remember that only the top two move on, so if two people above you are making the same picks you are, you're guaranteeing that you'll be sitting out next week.

On Saturday I will post each qualifying participant's picks.

After the divisional finals, participants will be ranked based on their record that week. The standings in the divisional semi-finals, followed by the regular season standings, will be used as a tie-breaker. So even if you're #4, if you're the only one to go 2-0, you jump into first place. Just like in the real playoffs, where all that matters is who wins that day.

The top 2 will qualify for the Grey Cup.

So, without further delay, here are the games for the Divisional Finals:
Hamilton @ Winnipeg
Edmonton @ B.C.

Good luck!

I might as well make my picks to kick things off.

Hamilton over Winnipeg: Total homer pick, but it worked last week, so I'll do it again. Cats by 6.

B.C. over Edmonton: B.C. is still red hot. Lions by 10.

Great finish today; Semi-Final - HAM/ALS and a record to boot from 1956... :rockin:

Hamilton at Winnipeg - WINNIPEG
Eskimo's at Lion's - EDMONTON

Hamilton @ Winnipeg
Edmonton @ B.C.

Pretty boring picks, but I can't see Hamilton showing up two weeks in a row and BC looks really good right now!!

Taking the two tons, Edmonton and Hamilton.


Good luck to the final four, as for my picks:



British Columbia Lions
Hamilton Tiger-Cats


Big Dave:

 My two picks for the Division Finals are as follows:
  1. Hamilton Tiger Cats over Winnipeg Blue Bombers by 4 points.

  2. BC Lions over Edmonton Eskimos by 6 points.

    Let's see if I'm right and how close I can come to the spread.


probably won't get to use these but hey.

Thanks BigDave, great job with this as always :slight_smile:

…okay…might as well take the plunge as i don’t think there’ll be any significant changes to the line-ups till game-time

Winnipeg Blue Bombers over Hamilton Ti-Cats…Bomber D WILL come to play :rockin:
British Columbia Lions over Edmonton Eskimos…Could be a lot closer than some think… :wink:

Since most are picking Hamilton and BC which would be my choice, I will go with the other two.


But really...go Ticats go! BC gets honorable mention because I live here. LOL

Here are my picks for this week:

British Columbia

Big Dave,

The Div final pick are:

Hamilton @ Winnipeg - It is hard to duplicate a performance like the Cats had in Montreal. Should be a close game but I see Big Blue coming out on top.
Edmonton @ B.C. - Coin flip game. Both defenses are very good. Offenses have big play capability and will be fun to watch on the fast track. B.C. has the edge in the kicking game.

Good luck to all.

[b]Ditto for me!

I predict Hamilton will face the Lions in the Grey Cup.[/b]

Kuddoes to you BigDave for organizing this thing. I was not a participant but it sure looks cool.


Can't bet against the Bombers, never do, never will !!!

Everyone likes BC, so I'll go the other way.

Thanks, and good luck to all.

Divisional Finals:
Winnipeg :?
Edmonton :roll:

Well here goes nothing

Going to go with who I'm cheering for this weekend

Hamilton :rockin:
BC :cowboy: