Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

Here are the matchups for the Divisional Finals:
Montreal @ Toronto
Edmonton @ B.C.

The following people qualify for the Divisional Semi-finals: UglyandHasty, 514MTL, Als_Molson, and Billy_Soup. All others are welcome to post their picks, but only these people will have their picks entered.

Picks must be made prior to midnight on Friday night, or you will be counted as not making any picks.

Your teams will be posted on Saturday.

As always, to make your picks, just reply to this thread with your picks for the winners. To change your picks, post a new reply. (You don't need to re-post all your picks, just the changes.) Please don't just edit your old post.

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Good luck.

My picks for the divisional finals:

Montreal @ Toronto: The Alouettes that beat up on the Roughriders did not look like the same Alouettes that were embarrassed by Toronto a couple of weeks ago. Of course, the Argos are not the Roughriders, either. This one is a bit too close to call, but I think Montreal's defence has improved enough to make a game of it, and get a little revenge. Als by 3.

Edmonton @ B.C.: Edmonton has been a much better team in the past month or so than they were earlier in the season. B.C. is 1-6 in their last 7 games. As good as Printers is, and though he may be better than Ricky Ray, neither can hold a candle to Jason Maas, who showed in the Western semi-final that he probably should be the Esks #1 QB. With former Ticats Troy Davis and Joe Montford, and future Ticat Maas, the Eskimos should win this one easily. I'd say Esks by 16.

TORONTO , are at home. No revenge this time. I don't think that A.C. , can have 2 games in a row , like today.The ARGOS are NOT , SASK. The ARGOS are usally awful after a long lay off , but NOT this time.

And if the ARGOS lose , I will be happy for , Third And Ten.

ARGOS.......... by 3 :smiley:

EDMONTON are in tough , and you will see THE REAL B.C. LIONS next week.
Edmonton , got a little lucky today , but it was great to see MAAS and FLENNING redeem themselves. :shock: :smiley:

B.C............... by 3 :smiley:

Here I go with the kiss of death

Montreal over Toronto (oh, this is going to be a close game. Montreal wants revenge after the Big O, but Toronto is a far better team at 2nd in the league. I'm going with Montreal becase I want them to win the Cup, but this is the real test for them to prove if they can win it all)

Edmonton over BC (most fans in Vancouver are gonna be disappointed after this game, Edmonton has beaten the Lions the last few games they had against them and almost tock 1st. BC is a house divide with DD and Printers and they can't stand anymore. With Maas at the held, nothing will stop the Esk from putting off victory against the greatest disapoinmenting teams in CFL history)

Edmonton Vs. Montreal in 2005 GC!

Montreal may have looked good today, but I think the Toronto D will shut them down for the majority of the game, and hold them only to points coming off of big plays. Crowd noise will be a factor, and will force Calvillo and his offence to take some costly procedure penalties at key times in the game. The Toronto offence won't get the ball much, but when they do they'll make big plays. Toronto by 10.

Although I'd prefer it if DM stopped favouring Ray and let Maas start this game since he proved himself vs. Calgary, i think we can win with either qb leading the team. And if we do get down with one qb beacuse he is ineffective, we can always switch. I think Fleming will have another solid game. The BC offence will rely on big plays, while the Esks will use its "ball control NFL-style" offence effectively. I think we'll see at least 2 INTS from BC no matter who starts(printers or DD). Edmonton by 14.

Toronto beats Montreal - Home field advantage. Montreal did only beat Saskatchewan. Here comes the test.

Edmonton beats BC - If Maas plays like he did agaisnt Calgary, they'll be going to the Grey Cup. BC will be pumped but I feel like picking Edmonton.

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Congrats to the others 3 finalist ! I'll post my choices friday, i want to wait as much i can for the rosters change. My idea is made 99 % though ...

Ya. I think I will wait for awhile too. I have a feeling my picks will be getting changed though. well at least one of them. I doubt of 3 Als fans only one will pick Montreal.


I am probably picking the 2 underdogs at this point, but it was pretty easy for me, since my 2 least favorite teams are the opponents, and the Als and Lions are very capable anyway.

...Toronto ...will beat Montreal......Argos defense is still the best in the league...and old folks Allen ...just thrives on playoff situations...sooooT.O. by ten....

...B.C.....over Edmonton.......Lions would love to play for the Cup in their own back-yard.....and oh yeah....I think they are a better club all round....and unless the Esks. can pull another QB. out of the they did in the Cal. game....the Lions will probably be prepared for that little move and should take it by a td. :arrow:

Well I had a good run, good luck to everyone still in it.

Just for kicks, here are my picks for this week:

BC: Home field will be huge. Edmonton should not have even made it past Calgary.

Toronto: I think it will be another Grey Cup rematch. Toronto will come up with the win at home

Just for kicks......

TORONTO Over Montreal. Toronto will finally get Mathews out of Montreal. No back up for Calvillo, and the Johnson change at Linebacker are the final straws. Look for Mathews to show up In Winnipeg, or Regina in the off season. TORONTO by 6

EDMONTON Over BC. Even though in April I predicted Edmonton would win the Western Final with a Davis Sanchez interception, I have to adjust that prediction because Sanchez is out. Mark McLoughlin is out. Edmonton will be leading by two points with 5 seconds to play and Duncan O'Missy will be forced to win the game....Instead it will be wide left, Edmonton concedes the single.....EDMONTON by 1

I got a request to my three opponents for this game. I know you are all Als fans, and I know some of you are Laval Rouge et Or Fans (in fact I think I have seen all three of you post about them). Well I am a U of S Huskie Fan. So I would like us to put that game on the board as well. It wouldn't count for anything, but I just want to see where you guys stand. Whether you guys realize that the Huskies will shut down your offence, and your defence will not be able to do anything against our mountainous O-line and the best RB in the country. Plus it is FREEZING here in saskatoon right now. I almost froze my nuts off filling my car with gas. (although it supposed to be +6 on Saturday) So who wants to go in on a bet with me. if you guys want to make interesting...say if the Huskies win then I get your tie-breaking status in the VGCC, and if Laval wins I will gracefully bow out. I am that confident in a Huskie Win. Or we could just have a friendly wager with the winner just getting bragging rights.

:D HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! :D

You anglos crack me up! :lol:

Billy_Soup (like that is your real name), first of all, I won’t mix the VGCC with anything else. I won’t mix it with my hockey pool or my poker games. However, if you want to make some sort of side bet, we can talk.

As for your Huskies :oops: , you make some very good points, but all I’m hearing is “Oh please Laval, don’t hurt me, please don’t destroy my self esteem”. :oops:

Say hi to all your friends in Loseatchewan, Saskatchalame or whatever place it is you are from :twisted:

By about 4 o clock local time here in "Saskatchalame" it will be your Laval team that will be crying "damn you Dogs. why did you have to hurt us so Bad. You could have just let us lie down and take it. But no, you had to beat us up. Please, next year when we meet again, we will just call you up and tell you we don't want o play, we will forfiet like Mcgill did."


Billy i will gladly make a friendly wager with you mate ! Without VGCC on the line.

You realize that we have a better team than last year ? I know all about the injuries you guys suffer last years, we had some too. You are confident so are we. I expect the best of the game of the year in the CIS, and will be disapointed if it turn out a dull game.

West team have never lost at home in final, there's always a first !

Go Laval Go

nice pic

There was an article about all you nasty Laval fans in our paper today. It told the story of the bowl game in 1999, when U of S went to Laval to play. The fans were spitting on the players as they were coming out of the tunnel, throwing drinks on them, you booed the national anthem, and this was all before the game. You won that game, and then won the Vanier. This year its our turn.

Although here at griffiths we won't have 18,000 fans but we will be loud, but we won't spit on anyone. We will sing our anthem loud and proud. And we will win.

(all in fun)

Actually this year your offence will have it a bit easier. We lost two of our starting LB's from last year (one is in the CFL), and then the remaining one is out with a knee injury, and the other new starter, former national Juniur Defensive player of the year, is also out. Edmonton ran all over us last week. So if you have a good running game, you might be able to get some yards there. You won't get much by way of the air though. We have a great secondary. And I hope you are ready for the David Stevens Show. He hasn't had a game below 120 yds this year. He got 193 last week on this frozen field, and I expect him to do just as well this week.

It should be a great game. Good luck to both teams.
Actually this year you guys will have