Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

Okay, just like the real CFL, we're now down to the Final Four. I'd like to congratulate those who have been eliminated on a great season. Finishing in the top 8 is no easy task, especially when over 90 people are participating, and over 60 take part on a fairly regular basis.

The standings are posted here.

The top four participants advance to the Divisional Finals. They are:

  1. Herschel456
  2. Fooks
  3. BigDave
  4. camkind

I'm going to post the post-season rules again, just to make sure everyone is clear. I think the top 4 all know what to do, but I don't want anyone to say they didn't understand. As always, you can still view a more complete list of all the rules here.

  1. Anyone may still make picks, but only those who qualify will have their picks count.
  2. You must make your picks by FRIDAY NIGHT AT MIDNIGHT, or they will not be accepted.
  3. On Saturday, I will post who gets which teams. No team may be selected by more than half the participants. Priority will be given to the higher-ranked participants. This is to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to advance. However, regardless of your ranking, PICK THE TEAMS YOU THINK WILL WIN, and allow me to make any necessary changes. Don't choose the team you think you'll end up with. That can easily backfire on you, as it has on people in the past.
  4. Make your picks as normal. All the same rules apply re: clarity, elaboration, and changes (though the deadline is Friday at Midnight.) You've all done this before, so I know you know what to do.
  5. Though I may CHANGE your picks, I will not ASSIGN picks. So no matter what your ranking, you must make picks or you will have no picks entered. Unlike the regular season, a person who goes 0-2 will be ranked higher than someone who goes 0-0.
  6. After the games have been played, participants will be ranked based on how they did in the current week. Their previous ranking will be used only as a tie-breaker.
  7. The top 2 will qualify for the Grey Cup.

So now, here are the games for the Divisional Finals:
B.C. @ Montreal
Calgary @ Saskatchewan

Good luck!

I can't believe I'm still making picks that count. After my Ticats lost :cry: I thought my season would be over as well. Anyway, on to the job at hand.

B.C. @ Montreal: No crossover team has ever gotten to the Grey Cup. Montreal has been the dominant team in the league this year, and no team that needs overtime to beat the Ticats is any match for the Alouettes. The Lions are the only team to win the series against Montreal, but we saw last week how little that matters once the playoffs begin. Als by a bundle.

Calgary @ Saskatchewan: Saskatchewan has done a great job in finishing first for the first time in 33 years. But Calgary is probably the team most likely to put an end to their dream season. This is a tough one to call, but I'm putting my money on Smilin' Hank to get the last laugh in Regina. Stamps by a field goal.

At third place, I may end up having my picks changed (that'd be weird, changing my own picks) but these are the ones I'm going with.

Here goes it;
Montreal over Lions
Calgary over Sask.

Just thought I'd throw in there, that actually out of the 6 times there has been a crossover, the crossover team made the Grey Cup. The crossover record is 1-5 right now :lol:

But anyways, once again I had a blast with the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge. Thank you so much for your dedication and passion. Congratulations to everyone still in it. Best of luck.

I hope the ones who take Montreal to win, move on the next round :rockin:

Here are my picks:

Montreal - I want to believe that BC and Comeback Casey can get it done, but history and the odds are stacked against the Leos. Still, I was wrong about BC last week and I would be very happy to be wrong again :wink:

Saskatchewan - A tough pick here, but it's hard to bet against the Riders at home



Sambo please change your pick to Saskatchewan.

Forget it

I'm out...but here's my picks for fun.
All winners ( I hope)


Geez, I thought Id be the only one taking BC, oh well, just for fun:

BC Over Montreal First time a Cross over team wins two in a row. BC always plays Montreal tough. Some one please keep an eye on ro1313, especially around bridges, you know how he hates the cross over! BC by 2

CALGARY Over Montreal. Burris will extract revenge on the season finally loss. Calgary by 4

Big Dave:

  Last week, like the majority of people on this site, I was 1-1, and quite surprised the Tiger Cats were beaten at home.  I will try again to pick the winners for the East and West Final.
  1. BC Lions @ Montreal- The Alouettes have been sitting home getting healthy and watching the Semi-Finals. They along with most everyone else were surprised they are playing the BC Lions. Montreal is motivated by losing the Grey Cup last year, having the best record this year, being the highest scoring team team this year, and having the strongest defense. They are the best team in the league and will solve the BC pass rush, to win the game. I'm taking Montreal by 13 points.

  2. Calgary @ Saskatchewan- This game will be close, and there are reasons that can be used for either team winning this game. Calgary finally appears to playing up to their potential, and Joffrey Reynolds has been outstanding, so he may be the difference in this game. Nick Lewis and Jermaine Copeland could also be the difference and a big edge to Henry Burris. The Riders have Darrin Durant and a strong defense and could easily win this game in front of the Rider faithful. I'm playing a hunch and taking Calgary by 2 points, which will set up a repeat Grey Cup of Calgary vs Montreal, this time in Calgary.

Thank you Big Dave, her's hoping everyone get the teams they want, the games are real exciting, and we have a great Grey Cup game.

How Ironic would that be

2008 Grey Cup in Montreal
Calgary vs Montreal
Calgary wins

2009 Grey Cup in Calgary
Montreal vs Calgary
Montreal wins

picks for the division finals even tho my picks dont count for squat.

BC @ Montreal The refs wont blow calls in this game.
Calgary @ Saskatchewan And you thought Mosaic Stadium at Tayor Field was loud 2 weeks ago, think again.

Sambo your not picking your riders?!!? i hope your picks are good :wink:

Put me down for
Saskatchewan in the west
Montreal in the east


Will be at the rider game, should be fun times. Good luck all.

Prior to making any changes, here's how we're picking them so far for the Divisional Finals:
MTL over BC (100.00%)
SASK over CAL (75.00%)
As it stands now, some of us will not get the picks we want. (It'll be the first time I've had to change one of my own picks.) The deadline is midnight tonight; I'll post who gets which teams tomorrow.


Okay, here are the remaining participants' teams for the Divisional Finals (changed picks appear in red):

  1. Herschel456: MTL, SASK
  2. Fooks: MTL, SASK
  3. BigDave: BC, CAL
  4. camkind: BC, CAL

Remember that rankings after this week's games will be based on how you did THIS WEEK. Your ranking prior to this week's games will be used as a tie-breaker.

Good luck!