Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

We have one post-season week under our belts now. Two teams -- and four participants -- have been eliminated, and we're down to the Final Four!

The standings are posted here. You can review the complete rules here.

Everyone has been re-ranked now, based on their performance in the Divisional Semi-Finals. The Regular Season standings are thrown out, except as a tie-breaker. Only the top four participants -- that is, schooner11, thescotsman, Ryooon, and USAspike6 -- advance to the Divisional Finals. Once again, everyone is welcome to post their picks, but only these four will have their picks count.

Again, the deadline is midnight Friday night. All picks must be in by that time; as usual, late picks will not be accepted.

A maximum of 2 people may pick each team. In spite of this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick the teams you WANT! Just because you're not in the top two does NOT mean you won't get your teams. If more than two pick any team, I will make the changes, with preference given to the higher-ranked participants. Which teams each participant gets will be posted as a reply to this thread as soon as possible after midnight Friday night, but definitely before game time Saturday. Once again, PLEASE do not let this rule affect your selections!

After this week's games, you will be re-ranked according to this week's results, with ties broken by the Divisional Semi-Final results, then by the regular season standings. It is possible to be ranked #4 this week and #1 next week (and vice-versa.) The top two participants will qualify for the Grey Cup next week.

Here are the games for the Divisional Finals:
Edmonton @ Montreal
B.C. @ Calgary

Good Luck!

I will continue to make my picks, though they won't count.

Montreal over Edmonton: Beating Winnipeg is one thing, but I just don't think that the Esks can compete with Montreal when the whole team is playing. Montreal is as good as the western teams, and much better than #4. Als by 9.

Calgary over B.C.: The Lions seemed reluctant to win last week. With the Riders turning the ball over seven times, that game should have been a much bigger blowout much sooner. B.C. won't be able to squander opportunities like that against the best team in the CFL; and odds are they won't get that many opportunities to begin with. It's a playoff game, so I'll call it close. Stamps by 4.

...who says home field is an advantage eh?...drat...eighth place so it shall be...

...thansk BD for conducting the VGCC again, look forward to it next year...

...for fun then:


I actually went 0-2 in the semi finals, although I will take the 1-1 and still be eliminated as a sympathy "error" :wink:

They don't count but im going with:


....and now for my know-nothing....mean nothing pics to further embarass myself....
wow ...what happened to the BigBlue and the Green team....went from Grey Cup finalists to about the way i played the VGCC this year ....gawd awful....anyway ....

MONTREAL over Edmonton.....Als will be too much for the gnome-led schmoes to handle

B.C. LIONS over Calgary.....Wally has his guys playing with visions of Grey Cup in their head and Bad Henry is due to show-up
(sorry my son, you'll have to join the Bombers and Riders with plans for next yr. after this one)







BC and MTL

Wow. Last week sucked. At least I got one thing right - when I went to bed on Saturday I was sure that Bishop would be released by the Riders because he was too inconsistent, and was on the down side of his career. Small consolation - I would have much preferred to be right about the game.

This week I'll take:

Montreal - I was wrong in picking Winnipeg, but at least I was right about it largely depending on Edmonton not turning the ball over. Hey, I've had a dismal year, I have to highlight every right guess that I make! I just don't think the Eskimoes can win on the road two weeks in a row, especially since their last game against Montreal can hardly be counted for anything. My only concern would be that Calvillo hasn't played for a while.

Calgary - I said last week that they had that special "it" factor. I think it definitely takes them to victory this week, and probably to win the Grey Cup - at least they'll be my pick barring something radical happening (like Burris going down with an injury). BC did everything they could to not take advantage of the Riders last week. Although the score looked lopsided, it should have been much more so, and much earlier.

There you have it. Thanks like always, BigDave.


My picks are BC and Edmonton -- an all west final.

However, everyone knows the Riders are really the best team :rockin: :cowboy:

CFL Rules

Big Dave:

  Since I'm seeded #4, I may not get my selections, but I'll make them just the same and will gladly accept the fact that my initial selections will probably be changed.  With that said, here are my selections for the Divisional Final Games.
  1. Edmonton @ Montreal- Edmonton played well in beating Winnipeg last week, and didn't turn the ball over, which they must do again this week. In the two meetings between these teams, Montreal destroyed the Eskimos in Montreal, and Edmonton beat Montreal the last week of the season, but without several Montreal starters playing at all. I'd like to see an upset in one of these games, but I can't see it happening here. The one good thing for the Eskimos is that this game is at Olympic Stadium, which is not the home field of the Alouettes and that weather will not be a factor in this game. Still I'm picking Montreal by 9 points.

  2. BC Lions @ Calgary- I see this as being the more competitive game of the two, even though Calgary has beaten BC three times this year. I'm sure this could spur on some overconfidence by the Stampeders, and if BC starts off well, the Stampeders could be in trouble. Since Calgary has the #2 rated quarterback, the league's leading rusher, and the leading receiver in yards gained, that's alot of offense to overcome for the Lions. Still no team that's beaten another team several times during the regular season wants to face them again in the playoffs, because it's so tough beating another team four times during a season. With that said, I'm still taking Calgary by 6 points.

    Thank you Big Dave; no matter what happens and if I get my picks or not, I've had so much fun this year. I also wish my fellow competitors, Schooner 11, the Scotsman, and Ryooon the best of luck and enjoy the games on Saturday, November 15, 2008.

ven though these picks don’t mean anything this week I’m going with Edmonton and Calgary. I picked both teams correct last week, however I wish I was wrong because my beloved riders lost. It will be fun watching the Eskies pull off an unset snd even more pleasurable watching Smilen Hank beat those loud mouth, egotistical lions.

Als win the East. Lions win the West.
It's a different Lions team when they play with killer passion. We saw that in Regina against a tough defence. Look for an "upset" in Calgary.

Edmonton vs Montreal.....Edmonton will not be playing a NO OFFENSE Winnipeg team this week! Montreal has a stable and solid offense, complimented by an underrated defense. Edmonton with Ricky Ray are definitely capable of picking apart the Als secondary but Calvillo will pick apart the Eskimo secondary! Could Edmonton win this game? Yes,but they won't in my opinion!

British Columbia vs Calgary.....BC are full of confidence but I don't see Burris faltering as he has in years past! The Calgary defense is solid enough to contain the BC offense and Calgary has way too many offensive weapons for BC to handle, even if Hank has a sub par day!

The deadline has arrived. Here are the picks for this week:
schooner11: MTL, CAL
thescotsman: MTL, CAL
Ryooon: ----
USAspike6: EDM, BC

Picks in red were changed according to the rules.

Ryooon made no picks before the deadline.

Well I missed the deadline, unfortunately. But I'll give my pciks anyway.

Montreal over Edmonton
Calgary over B.C

...Big Dave, could I argue on dust's behalf that by virtue of him getting his picks in on time and being in fifth place that he be bumped up to contention in place of Ryoon?...NOTE: He did not solicit this himself, this is totally my idea (had he done so I would've asked him to punch himself in the groin to avoid me driving all the way to Saskatchewan to do it for him)...

wow someone missed the deadline??? :o

that's just unheard of!