Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

The four qualifiers are:

  1. Neil70
  2. thescotsman
  3. LeBird
  4. argotom

Anyone may make picks, but only those four will have their picks entered.

Make your picks as usual, but all picks must be in by midnight (EST) Friday night. There is a limit to how many people may pick each team, so you may not get the teams you pick. Don’t let that affect your selections: pick the teams you want. On Saturday I will post who gets which teams.

After this week, you will be ranked based on how you did this week, with ties broken by how you did last week, then by how you did during the regular season. The top two will qualify to continue to the Grey Cup.

The Divisional Final games are:
Winnipeg @ Toronto
Saskatchewan @ B.C.

As always, the standings are posted at .

You can view a more complete listing of the rules at

Good luck!


all 8 should have had a chance... It would have made things more interesting if we could have chosen scores, that way there would have been a better chance for others.

this week will be more difficult now, cause you aren't quite sure.

I think it needs to be changed.

His contest, his rules. I would have preferred a different format for the regular season Huddle, but such is life...don't like it, don't participate.

Sour grapes because you went 0-2?

Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Have to stick with the winners.

Thanks BigDave for a fun year.

no Sambo42.

I was given those two teams.

I didn't choose Calgary and Montreal.. I was forced to take them because only the top 4 got their choices. I would have allowed someone else to participate if that was the case.

I could have seen if there actually had been the possibility for Calgary and Montreal to win.. but everyone knew who would win.

Each game was decided by two points. It was hardly a given who would win.

yet everyone chose Winnipeg and Saskatchewan without any hesitation!

Well, here are my for fun picks. Went 2-0 last week. Here's hoping for another 2-0.

Winnipeg @ Toronto: I know the favourite is Winnipeg, but I just don't see it happening for them. They barely beat the Als. I think Toronto's tough defence will stifle Winnipeg's lagging offence. Toronto will win by a margin of 7-14 points.

Saskatchewan @ B.C.: B.C. had an impressive season, but they weren't nearly as dominant. They almost seemed lucky, and I think that luck is going to run out. Saskatchewan will win, but it'll be a tight race going down to the wire.

.....I choose Calgary over Sask cflisthebest, and almost got away with it... don't know how childish you are coming across right a two year old....sheesh, its only a game.....hopefully you'll not participate next year but Big D also has a Big Heart and will probably let you in anyway....

well as long as the playoffs remain that way.. it's pointless unless both teams in the Semis have a shot at winning.

whats the point of choosing if you're 5th - 8th?

…then don’t be 5th to 8th again…what about the 9th place guy, tough for him eh?..he didn’t even get a shot…Neil beat us all and with the victory so come the spoils of war, to choose the odds-on favourite while the lesser player is given the underdog…underdogs win sometimes you know, your riders just might do so this weekend, or are you now switching allegiance just so you can cheer on the supposed dominant team?..

nope.. I think the perfect playoffs for a game like this

is to choose the score.

whoever is closest wins.

plain and simple.

that way everyone has a shot.. not just 1-4

...but 'choosing the score' is totally different than the game we've played up to this's like saying lets play 5 card stud, but when you decide to bet your entire stack then we play texas hold 'em...

....look, I see your point, but we knew the rules going into it, Big D had them posted before the very first weekend of's a little late now to complain...

I have to agree with Red. Bit of a poor sport? Look at me: I came in 10th, two spots out of the playoffs. But I don't care. I'm still making my for fun picks because it's fun. My first CFL pick'em and I went 50-20. I'm satisfied. Next year I'll try to top that. But if I don't, I'll still make my for fun picks.

it was basically pointless making our choices if you were 5-8. because when everyone chooses the same 2 teams… and only the top 4 get to keep those choices… what’s the point?

it’s like saying ok…

New England vs St. Louis in the SuperBowl.

and only the top 10 out of 40 get to have their choices count. all the other 30 have to choose St. Louis.

kinda stupid yea think? cause you know St. Louis has a 1/1000000 chance of winning.

Whine whine whine whine whine...don't like the rules? Don't play.

I highly recommend taking your whining to private messaging from this point...we don't need to read any more of this crap on a picks thread...

I think he has a point. The huge prize money offered to the winner makes it imperative that...wait? No prize money? Game just for fun and a little bragging rights, you say?

Oh. Well then. Do better in the regular season and you can get the picks you want. Whining won't change a thing.

To win:
Winnipeg Blue Bombers..(no bias here)
British Columbia Lions..(it'll be close)

oh well. everyone should have the chance to win. not just the top 4.