Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, Divisional Finals

One week down, two to go. Four of the top 8 have now been eliminated, and we’re down to the Final Four. You can view the standings at

Rankings are based on correct picks in the Divisional Semi-Finals, with ties broken according to standings in the regular season (most correct picks, fewest incorrect picks, highest aggregate spread.) The top four are:

  1. BigGreenMachine
  2. Rattler
  4. geo365

Anyone may make picks in this thread, but only those four will count.

Once again, these people must make their picks by Friday night at midnight. You can change your picks in the usual way, but changes must be in by the deadline.

Make your picks in the usual way. However, there is no guarantee that you will get the teams you want. Only half of the group may pick either team, with preference given to those who are ranked higher. Despite this, please pick the team you want, and let me worry about the numbers.

I will post who gets which teams on Saturday.

After the games are played on Sunday, the new rankings will be posted. You will be ranked based on how you did THIS WEEK, with ties broken according to LAST WEEK’S standings, followed by the regular-season rankings. The top two participants advance into the Grey Cup next week.

This week’s games are:
Toronto @ Montreal
Saskatchewan @ B.C.

Good luck!

My picks (though they mean nothing):
Montreal over Toronto: The Als don't often lose playoff games at home.
B.C. over Saskatchewan: The Lions are the class of the league.

Bah, I got my picks changed..I would have went 2 for 2. :frowning: Guess I should have done better in the regular season.

My picks this week:


BigDave, our very mute resident picked BC and Montreal to win it.

Argos over the stinkin' Als because I do NOT want Montreal to represent the East at the Grey Cup game in Winnipeg ...Too bad the Blue are done :frowning:


'Riders over the Lions for the heck of it since the guys in green have had great success against the Lions this season, so why not?

2 and 0. Why couldn't I do that during the regular season. Darn it all!

My picks: Montreal over Toronto. I think Michael Bishop can't handle a full game at QB and Damon Allen is done! AC will return to form and the Als will run the ball on the pass oriented Toronto D. Al's also have the homefield advantage.

Saskatchewan over BC: this pick's all from the heart! If anyone can beat a very strong Lions club, they can. Rider Pride and all that...

Go Gades Go in whenever!

Even though they dont count my picks are:

Saskatchewan- the Riders are the only team that the Lions did not "dominate" during the season. Riders will win by 4 or less

Montreal-- Unless Allen pulls a rabbit out of his hat and plays the game of his life--the Argos are more than likely toast. Montreal by 7

My picks dont count either but since there isnt another unofficial picks thread here it goes.

Saskatchewan@BC Dickenson is a target that the Riders defense always seems to find with at least one crushing hit per game. To Dickenson's credit (and if memory serves)he left the last regular season game due to frustration rather than injury. My personal opinion is that if Wally want's to make it to the Grey cup his first step should be to pull Dickenson before kickoff and Play Pierce for this game. Dickenson doesnt seem to have too many good games vs Saskatchewan. The riders key to winning is still to put in a full 60 minutes on both sides of the ball. Danny got a full 60 minutes last week from the defense. He needs to get that 60 minutes from his offense as well. If the Riders can give that 100% for 60 minutes on Offense and Defense, then they will stand a very good chance of going to Winnipeg next weekend.

My pick is that the riders defensive front seven are going to be hasseling Dickenson all game. The Riders will end up representing the west in Winnipeg

Toronto@Montreal Allen is faltering into the stretch. Dont get me wrong I think Allen has done a lot in this league and i dont think he is too old either. If you can play and still get the job done at 45 then all the more power to ya. I have said it before Toronto has not impressed me this year. However their win against winnipeg last weekend was impressive (I was working so I didn't get to watch the game) Play Allen and if he is not being effective then dont hesitate and put Bishop in. Montreal seems to be peaking at the right time. AC has not had a great season but the Montreal team had a good enough season to grab first again. Plus they beat Toronto for first place in week 20 which should go a long way towards confidence.

My opinion Montreal will get the win and will be the East division representative in Winnipeg.

Montreal over Toronto
Saskatchewan over BC

OK this could very well be my final week in the V.G.C.C. because we're down to the final four and my picks simply reflect that I want to see a Montreal-Saskatchewan Grey Cup so......

All winners (I hope)


my picks for this weeks:
I would like to thank my wife for helpin me with my picks :rockin: if it wasnt for her , i wouldnt of came in 1st overall in the regular season :wink: we both decided on


Gotta go with the Riders in the West.

I think the East is the tougher one to decide. I'll go with Montreal, although I want Toronto to win cause they would be an easier opponent for the Riders.

Even though mine don't count....

Glad to see Every one picking the Riders and looking past BC. Hopefully the Riders will think the regular season record will automatically win it for them just like some of their fans.

BC Over Saskatchewan. Defense wins championships, and BC's defense has been their strength all year. Even when Dickenson was out, Pierce kept the offense going with the help of the defense setting up short fields for him to work with. The BC Defense has to stop Kenton Keith and force Joseph to throw more into the veteran secondary. If the Lion Defense allows Keith to run wild, the Riders will represent the West. I think the front four will show why the defense is the important key. BC by 2

Montreal over Toronto. Damon Allen hasn't looked the same since comming back from his injury. Unless Willams and Avery can light it up on the ground, it should be a long day at Olympic Stadium. MONTREAL by 4

Here are the picks for this week (with changed picks in red):

BigGreenMachine: MTL, SASK
Rattler: MTL, SASK
geo365: TOR, BC

Good luck!

SWEET MOTHER OF VEGAS!!!!! Well now I know I'm out of the Challenge!

I understand why you had to change my picks Dave and I have no problem with it. Just want to thank you for another great contest this year. It's been one heck of a ride! Best of luck to those who make it to the "Big Game" I'll be looking forward to next year.

BigDave is da MAN!!!!! :rockin: