Virtual Grey Cup Challenge 2013!!

The VGCC will be back again this year, for the 14th year!

Basically it will be the same rules as last year, with one notable exception. The "Fewest incorrect picks" (or "highest percentage correct") will no longer be used as the first tie-breaker. Aggregate spread will break the tie between participants with the same number of correct picks. Fewest incorrect picks will only be used to break the tie if two or more people have the same number of correct picks AND an identical aggregate spread. Over the course of the season, there should not be many of those.

There is a bit of a complication this season, as I will be moving in July, and getting a new ISP. This means that just as the season is getting underway, I will be offline, probably for a couple of weeks. I will post threads for those weeks in advance, people will still be able to make their picks as usual, and I will pick things up again once everything gets settled.

Looking forward to another great season!

Thank you BigDave for all you do. Much appreciated!


Ahh, great to see this back! Makes me all the more excited for the upcoming season. :smiley:

Yes, Thanks Big Dave, your efforts are very much appreciated. Training camp starts tomorrow....woohoo!!!

Great work as always BigDave! If you need any help during your downtime, let me know and I'd be more than willing to help out.

...Sure sign the season is around the corner when BigDave gives us a shout-out...Looking forward to another great year Big guy and hope you have a smooth move ... :thup:

Awesome BigDave. I look forward to this every year now. :thup:

Watch out everyone as I plan on winning this sucker this year.

This is gonna be a tough year. Hard to predict the winners this year..

The only time I won was at the expense of the Riders losing to the Als. I'm okay with 2nd place :smiley:

Welcome back Big Dave and all!

I have a question with an example for the new rules, or interpretation of them, to make sure I understand.

Let's say for example after week two that one person is 6-2 and another is 6-1.

Now instead of the person who is 6-1 automatically ahead due to fewer incorrect picks under the prior rules, via the computer program the aggregate spread is the determinant of the order no matter what when the number of correct picks are the same right?

I like the change, as it rewards those who pick correctly the closer games even should they lose instead of sitting out those picks.

Also it eliminates those missing an entire week from getting a jump on everyone when most everyone had a bad week.

And some of course will like that it discourages the infamous "abstain." :lol:

The new rule basically promotes "you snooze - you lose." :thup:

Thanks Big Dave! Good luck this year everybody.

Leorocks. :twisted:

I already have my first slate ready but still two more weeks! Welcome back all!

Can't wait to take a stab at trumping my third place finish! I'm also reminded by that finish that giving up should not be an option, since I basically came from behind in the last three weeks of the season. As long as you make all your picks and hang in there, a couple of strong weeks is all it takes to be near or at the top.

That's right.

Last year there was a lot of discussion about a certain person (won't mention any names, Paolo) who made a habit of "abstaining" certain games. I'm hoping that, by dropping the percentage in the sorting order, certain people :wink: won't be as tempted to abstain.

I also considered bumping up the "Perfect weeks", since a person cannot score a perfect week if they abstain. But let's see how it goes this year.

I've never participated in this before but it looks like a lot of fun. Think I'll try my hand at it this year.

I'm assuming a link will be provided in the near future to participate?

Virtual GC Challenge week 1 will be the link - much thanks to Big Dave.