Virtual Grey Cup Challenge, 2011

Just wanted to assure everyone that the VGCC will continue this year as always.

I haven't been online very much this off-season. After Grey Cup comes Christmas and then I'm into my busy season. That's over now and I've got a lot more time on my hands to waste on stuff like this. :wink:

YES!I'm taking first place this year boys :rockin:

....Never a waste Big do a great job.... :thup: ...Finally... Football 2011 just around the cornor :rockin:

That sounds great Big Dave, looking forward to another season of CFL football.

Woo, thanks again Big Dave! I can't wait to show off my slightly above average skills! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks as always Big Dave! I would like to win the whole thing too, but I'd be very content with making the playoffs, being competitive, and not embarrassing myself. I just like trying to stay competitive with the Canadians at picking games in the CFL, which is not an easy task.

Thanks for doing this BigDave! I shall return to defend my title, now that the sting in the fashion in which it occurred is behind me.

Good luck to everyone, and thanks once more to BigDave

There's one key to doing well year in and year out.Montreal's nearly invincible and the Argo's suck :thup:

Nothing much has changed Big Dave. You only missed:

765 expansion posts to exotic locations like Yellowknife, White Horse, Fort MacMurray....... :roll:

845 rule change posts, excluding Kangas action point. :roll:

1,145 political posts in the "other section". :cry: :cry:

There, I think I've summarized everything you missed for you. :wink:

good to hear Big Dave so it starts for game 1 regular season I hope or else I lost 2 games already

Excellent BigD, a job well done and thank you.

I'm new how does this work??

when the season starts you will see a sticky post that will have all the instructions. But basically it is a pool where you pick the winners every week. It is pretty fun. Hopefully this year I can do a lot better.

Big Daves VGC Challenge for week #1 will be posted soon, so my picks are;

B.C. Lions vs Alouettes - MONTREAL
Blue Bombers vs Tiger Cats - HAMILTON
Argonauts vs Stampeders - CALGARY
Eskimos vs Roughriders - EDMONTON

You should probably wait until he posts the topic. :lol:

Your picks may look somewhat similar, if not the same. :rockin:

I'd probably take Sask.

Probably a good idea