Virtual Grey Cup Challenge 2008

The NINTH annual Virtual Grey Cup Challenge is set to go!

For those not familiar with the contest, people pick the teams they think will win each week's games. The more games you pick correctly during the course of the season, the higher you rank. For a complete list of the rules, you can go here.

As usual, everyone is welcome to join in. Beginning after the league's final pre-season game, you will be able to make picks for Week 1. will be interesting to see how everyone forms up behind my inevitable first place finish....good luck to everyone on shooting for second place....

Last year I came this close to making the playoffs. I'm going to build on that this year and make the playoffs!

Can't wait! :smiley:

....Glad to hear everything is ready to go again this year BigDave... sure appreciate all the effort you put into the VGCC...Count me in...should be a very exciting year... :thup: :rockin:

I look forward to this BigDave. I think this year I will be able to actually not miss any games, so I will have a bit more insight into the games (which will probably hinder rather than help).

Count me in.. it would be great to win both the Fantasy Huddle and the VGCC this year...

I find myself over thinking too, Billy, which can lead to some interesting picks and usually out of the playoffs. My inability to pick the riders to lose also hurts my chances of coming out on top.

Ahh well, it's still good fun.

I hear you on that one. Its impossible for me to.

Glad to see you are back for another year and thanks for a great job BigDave.

where do i register? :slight_smile:

Going to be fun!

Dave is the man!!!! he always does a good job with the virtual grey cup challenge

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Kudos to you again Big Dave- sincerely hope the Ti-Cats have an awesome season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After all, the Ti-Cat fans are the SECOND BEST fans in the CFL!!!

Thanks again for all your work to include us in some guesstimating fun!
cheers and regards,
Riders Rule
Gobble Gobble

Wow the ninth annual VGCC. I wanted to say a big thank you to Big Dave for running this every year. I am sure all of us on this forum appreciate the time you take to maintain this over the season.

Props BigDave! I'm hoping to get in on this, this year.

jordan02, if you want to get in on this, all you have to do is start making picks. Respond to the thread "Virtual Grey Cup Challenge Week 1" (in the "Sticky" section) with your picks for the winners, and you're automatically entered.

The only prize is bragging rights, so there's no need to sign up, per se. But once you get going you'll see how fun it can be.