Virtual Grey Cup Challenge 2007!!!!

I'm back after a lengthy hiatus, and I just wanted to assure everyone that the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge will be back again for the EIGHTH year!

I'll post further details later.

:thup: :rockin: ...nice to see ya taking the VGC on again BigDave.....should be a great year..... :thup:

Good to see you back Big Dave. Glad you are running the pool again!

I haven't ever taken part in the pool (yet). It's a matter of picking players though, right?

Welcome back Big Dave, looking forward to the challenge this year, hopefully doing better than last, LOL. The VGCC is where you make picks on the games each week, Kev.

It's pick the game winner.

CanuckKev, if you are interested in picking the players you should try the CFL Fantasy Huddle game. Personally I would recommend both games (VGCC and Fantasy huddle) as they are both really fun and entertaining.

Thanks for doing this again Dave! :thup:

Yes welcome back BD.
Looking forward to the VGCC.