Virtual Grey Cup Challenge 06

Hey Big Dave! Do ex Renegades fans still get to play? :cry:

Of course you can play.....we just won't count up your points..... (j/k) :wink:

Why wouldn't they get to play?

Of course Gades fans can still play. The set of fans that it is open to is CFL fans, not team specific fans. So if you fancy yourself a fan of the CFL, post those picks each week and maybe you can be the next winner of the virtual grey cup championship.

Is this not an open contest to anyone who wants to enter? If it is , then anyone should be allowed to participate.

It is absolutely an open contest. Always has been.

I can't wait to do this all over again! BigDave is awesome for the work he does!


Just kidding. Of course anyone can play. The more the merrier. :smiley:

Aw shucks! :cry: You guys are the best! I was taken aback by the seriousness of some of the replies. I was kinda kidding about the poll and the question: I was going to participate, wanted or not!

Feels weird to be without a team (again)! Hope you guys never have to go through what we diehard Ottawa football fans have gone through. Regardless if we have a team or not, the CFL rocks and I will get my fix where I can including this fine forum and especially the VGCC! Thanks Big Dave for the work you have put into it! Look fwd to improving my position this year.

Gone Gades Gone!
Golf Sens Golf!
North Side S___s (forever)!