Virtual Field Advertising In CFL Broadcasts

We saw a small potential last year at BMO field with the "on field Argos logo" electronically televised during the broadcast.

This electronic technology should be looked at because sideline banners, electronic down markers, Field advertising can all be coordinated and sold as an advertising medium but it must be coordinated with all parties. Electronic down markers could have advertising imbedded within and then change before the play.

I think the CFL, teams and TSN could be pioneers in Canada with this technology and with a coordinated policy maximize advertising revenue for all.

During a broadcast the on field advertising or sideline banners can be tailored to what part of the country you are from so says the article.

I can see this being important with regional beer suppliers or similar type companies. It can be in French or English. You could also change for the English Irish broadcasts and sell something that they would be interested in. Companies can purchase time on these sideline banners and have different advertisements at the same time broadcast over TSN. ESPN might like this option and with a US television panel (Flutie as an example for US broadcasts) make inroads into viewership and CFL value for them.

Point is if we want the league to have a larger TV contract then this needs to be coordinated between the league and TSN.

Does anyone have any other ideas to maximize revenue and what did you think of the electronic Argos logo last year. I couldn't tell the difference

The NHL did this with the World Cup of Hockey last year. The boards were virtually imposed. I don't think it's a question of it, but when. They can even have the local ads on the field for the fans in the stands and then put a national ad on the TV. It would potentially limit the teams revenue though. I am sure TD wouldn't pay nearly as much if there is a chance their logo could be covered on the broadcast by a Scotiabank logo.

Legit question...Would the ads potentially cover Saskatchewan and Edmonton players when they wear green? I notice occasionally it happens with first down markers since it can't distinguish between the field and the green jersey.

It's used in soccer right now because they don't break for ads. It would make sense for football, I know I have PVrd games and fast forward through the ads. If you have the virtual ads you are going to see the product you can't skip over it.

Still another 6 years until the CFL TV contract is up for renewal, so a lot of time to work on these things.
They should be working out a plan to deal with the issue of subscribers ditching their TV subscriptions. If they are losing close to 200k subscribers every year that's almost 500k viewers, by 2022 they may have lost a huge audience.

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