Vintage Taylor Feild picture

Just a old picture I found on the web of Taylor Feild.

[url=] ... aerial.jpg[/url]

yeah, what about it?

I just found it and thought it was neat.
I never seen that pic befor.
exciting eh?

yeh it is neat and it's a sellout crowd too

Sweet Picture :thup:

yeah pretty neat

I thought it was interesting because I have never seen Taylor feild looking like that.
I have always known Taylor feild as the stadium it is today.
I like the idea of having the fans circled all around the feild.

Kewel pic. I never got to see a game with the seating totally around the field. My first trip to Taylor Field was when they started doing the major reno's on the west side (76 or 77..?) I sat with my dad in the end zone under the old scoreboard. I remember it was hot as hades that day, but can't remember who the Riders were playing. I think it was Winnipeg on Labor Day weekend.

Labor day is the best football day around next to grey cup.