Vintage games.

does anybody know if the ticats wil be doin it next year?? bombers and argos did it this year, i wouold love to see a retro ticats jersey and helmet! it would be nice to see!

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5 teams to get retro jereseys in 09...

Riders 1960s Home and Away ( Kelly green and White)
Bombers 1960s Home (white)
Argos 1960 home ( White) They dont look retro to me????? like the modern jersey in white with blue tapered stripes on sleeve
Als (1960s) (red)2 white stripes on sleeves
Ticats ( 1960s) Black with white sleeves and three balck and yellow stripes on the sleeve, so cool!!!

They will be out for Canada day!!!

Another poster recalled that Commissioner Cohon said all 8 teams will sport retro looks.

Again...I haven't seen anything don't quote me.

what about our helmets?

Sorry...I didn't hear or read anything about the helmets but if we are to wear retro 60's...I'd imagine the helmet would be of the same vintage.

If they are going vintage, then it's going to be one of the variations of the old yellow helmets. Great!!!