Vintage clothing

Does anyone know if the Robert Edwards vintage clothing will be available for the Saskatchewan Roughriders any time soon? I can’t seem to find it at all so any info would be a big help. Thanks.

God, I’d love it if the CFL started a vintage campagin like the NHL, with old jerseys and stuff from the current teams and the defunct US ones!!!

How would that work with the defunct teams. Would the CFL get all of the profits from that or would they go to some previous owner or what?

Well, how does the NHL work with it’s campagin, they have folded teams in there lineup.

I’d imagrine that the profits go to the league.

I would love to see vintage CFL jerseys. The NFL have done this for a long time.

I think Robert Edwards is pretty pissed because he lost the starting job to Jonas Lewis in Montreal, so don’t look for him to go back to his sewing machine yet. He’s not in the mood for sewing clothes right now.

(Yes, yes… I do like to give powerful insights)

I’d like to see that happen but only once the Glieberman’s buy the R back from Horn Chen and then the Gades could go with the Rough Riders Unis … but the name stays the Renegades…

They made some vintage Bombers gear I saw last year in Jersey City. I also saw some vintage Riders jerseys at the JC store in Midtown up in S’toon. They have numbers on the front representing the year they were worn.

Sorry, is this different than TURF TRADITIONS…?

I don’t think the NHL uses defunct/moved teams in their vintage jersey program … For example, the Avs have only worn Nordiques jerseys once, and that was for an exhibition game in Quebec City. The Coyotes have never worn Jets jerseys, the Flames have never worn Atlanta jerseys, Dallas has never worn North Stars jerseys, Carolina has never worn Hartford jerseys, etc …

Anyway, I’d LOVE to see a retro/vintage thing going on. Using uniforms and logos from waaaay back (ie, 3+ decades). It would really help people get a sense of the league’s history … and it would just be cool :wink: That’s part of the reason why I really like the Al’s jerseys - is because they’re so retro …

Bravo! MM! I totally agree! :wink:

I was talking about the Turf Traditions.

And on the note of the Av’s, Sakic, Foote, and Forsberg wore thier old Nord uniforms as they were the only surviving members.

Labor day should be a vintage jersey week. This would definately bring in more jersey sales as well the fans would love it. As well since BC doesn’t have a labor day game, they could use the last game of their season to do this because they seem to always play sask in that game