Beautiful!Several threads questioning refs calls.Did he catch it?Did he drop it?Did he have possesion?And it goes on.Even some of the pretty boys(you know who you are)are wondering why one time a call is made and the next time it's ignored.Games are being ruined.Teams are winning when they should'nt be.It's almost enough to make you think the fix is in,but I'm not a conspiracy type of guy.Now there are two teams to beat,one is the opposition,the other,the boys in the stripes.Just wait until your team loses the GC because of a bad call or non-call.It's happened before!The penalty stats are not even printed anymore!One question;IF THE REFS ARE SO DAMN GOOD,WHY DID THEY INTRODUCE REPLAY-REVIEW IN THE FIRST PLACE???

Because they're human.

They are human and forever they will be one.

so true the refs are making bad calls right now but also make good ones. Its hard to officiate lower level football pro ball has to be even harder. but it did leave me chanting at a game how much did i need to pay them to make a fair call against the als.

Dan38 I know where you are going with this. Yes I am one of the guys that has in the past supported the refs. The reason is they have a job that is a no win situation. You can not please everyone with the calls. There have been several this year that have been tough to call. But with video replay these guys should have a grasp at what the play showed. In toherwords they have a second chance to make the right decision. Well it is a matter of perception really. Many fans perceive the play to be one way and the ref the other. The fact of the matter is we the fans do not have the power to change what has been called. If you do not like the reffing or George Black for not having the balls to fix the situation then act on it contact
Yes Dan38 I believe you are right.

ONE more time for Jake Ireland to see!

....good one my son....Ireland should definitely be sitting down with George Black to go over that call...but i.m afraid they'll only see ...what they want to see....and that's about as much as that guy with the cane... :lol: 8) 8)

Unless.......maybe the refs aren't human did you ever think of that? Different velocity on other plants? Cross dimensional warps that distort judgement? ._.

or blind as bloody bats...and from bizzaro world;;;;; 8) 8) 8) :lol:

Well, personally, I was one of the few who hate the idea of video review anyway.
Two reasons--if the refs don't know the rules, or enforce them inconsistantly, replay will do very little to change that. Getting one fumble call a game right while making 7 horrid pass interference calls isn't exactly even up! So spend the money on better training, or maybe pay them more.
Second, it slows down the game and when you realize something like 80% of calls are either inconclusive or vindicate the ref, what is the point?
After all, as already has been stated, the refs are human.
They will always make mistakes, and football is a game of mistakes, so live with it.
Unfortunately, the reality is, there is a perception that the fans want replay, and that it does help, so we are stuck with it.
All I can say, is, they better get more cameras for next year, particularly on the goal line and if we must have this travesty against nature, let's at least try to do it as well as possible...

Well Dad as you can see the refs are not as good because the direction they receive from above. Maybe to get better refs you need some knowledge directing them. IMO thats starts at the top. And G Black is where the problem lies.
In this case good ole George could have come to the conclusion ya we made a mistake we will try to fix it in the future no he stands by incompetence. Wrong move George your refs s.uck. Reason it is not just Stamp fans that are complaining here. Yes there are a couple that agree but look how many disagree. Yup you keep making stupid decisions and guess what you will be having coffee at Tims with Jake while the games are on.

The refs have sucked for a lot longer than Black has been around...

That's the best angle I've seen yet...the ball in definitely on its way out. :smiley:

So for those of you that think that still shot proves something...if Johnson's arm was not there and you had a shot of a ball just lying on a guy's chest, would that be a completion?
Debate the call if you will, but get some proof!!

well my son we're all human ...and we all make mistakes (HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU HEARD THAT ONE)...AND IT'S TRUE...BUT....when you are in the postion of an official....have the benefit of a video-replay that can determine the out-come of a game ...and still get it have to wonder whether the person is either incompetent...or so blinded he hasn't the where-with-all to admit his Irelands case i think its both...and the guy at the top ,Black, is where the corrective measures should be coming from....BUT DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH... :roll: :wink:

You need to understand Papa, that while I agree the refs are brutal, that I think they got the TO/Calgary call right...go figure...

I agree when mistakes happen like this they could look at this to make the proper corrections right! The problems with the reffing in this league is Blacks to fix and you are right I take it he is not the guy that will get the job done. Arius it is a matter of perception regardless. The problem is the interpetation of the what is a completion. I have seen worse get called complete. Also how can you sit there and say after a clip to Anthony by Ricky weedy Williams in front of ref no call, then how many face masks were there. So you see it is just not one call that is in question here but the abilities of one Jake Ireland. If this guy screws up this bad how many more are there. He has no credibility what so ever. Then his boss who is in the place to make corrections to the leagues refs allows him to conitnue making mistakes. This is the problem. The onside kick in BC with Calgary remember that one. Do you not find it funny this crew seen the face masking twice by Calgary but three by the Arogs were over looked. Then the two clips the one on the 40 yard punt run back was so obvious and in front of the blind Jake Ireland now do you get where I and many are coming from. Yers you do not like the refs calls this year but you see Black could start fixing the problem by making his crews become accountable. If they can not longer do the job find someone who can. Jake Ireland has his favorite teams out there and it is becoming apparent. Apple and the road map for for both Black and Ireland.

Here we go again, another in a long of threads about officiating. How many more before we all say to the league, clean up your act? I have said all along that some officials need to held accountable for their actions, but Ive been told time and time again that "they have a hard job" or "they are only part time", and now it seems some have changed their minds. While some officials need to be fired, others need to take refesher courses on what is to be called and what is not, and to make better judgments on what happens on the field. Video replay is meant to make sure that the right call is made, but this has failed time and time again. Take the call on the Calgary receiver Johnson. Black himself said that he did not hang on the ball long enough? How long do you need to hang on the ball before its called a catch? If a receiver is catching a ball and gets knocked out bounds, its not a catch because he did have the ball long enough when he gets knocked out of touch? Another amazing thing is that it took all of 22 seconds to make that call. The rest of the plays have taken 1 minute or more, so why the quick decision?
My belief is that the CFL needs to train some new officials and slowly bring them into the game and get experience, at which time officials that continue to blow calls be turfed. The new officials need to be hired full-time as well, to learn the rules and learn new changes to rules if any are changed, its time this league made the 3rd team on the field as professional as the other two!!

The referring has been brutal for as long as I can remember, and Black has only been involved for 2 or 3 years, so all I can say in that regard, is cut the guy a little slack.
They are making institutional changes in the way things are done.
They have brought in some new guys, they are using 7 man units now, which should make things better, and theoretically at least, they do review and grade the officials after each game. We aren't going to be told the results of those reviews, however--though I would love to be a fly on the wall!

At anyrate, after decades of incompetence, I think it will take more than a couple of years to turn things around.
If things aren't better in 2 or 3 more, then Black has failed in his mandate.
But as of today, it is too soon to tell.

Having said that, Jake Ireland is brutal--but he still made the right call on Sat.
Even a blind pig can find the occasional truffle....

At first , I thought it wasn't a catch. After looking at the replay, I saw that it WAS a catch. The officials did not blow the play dead until one of the Argo defenders pulled the ball out of Johnson's hands. If they had reviewed that whole sequence, it should have been ruled a catch, and Johnson down by contact.

I understand that officials are only human and are thus prone to make mistakes. But when they have video review, watch the play in slow motion, forwards and backwards, from several different angles, and still can’t see what’s blatantly obvious to the rest of the world, then it’s a problem.

The rule states that, if you catch a pass in the air, you must still have possession after hitting the ground. There is no mention of how many seconds you must have possession; only that you must have control.

I understand them getting that call wrong, because it happened so fast and as has been said they are only human…but after viewing the replay, there should be no question that it was a catch.

I’m a proponent of video replay, but if it is not going to reduce the number of terrible calls, then it’s just a waste of time and money.

It also doesn’t make sense that a team cannot challenge in the last three minutes. That’s like saying, we’ll review possible mistakes for most of the game, but in the last three minutes we’ll decide who wins.