Vince Young

Has arrived at the Regina airport. I don't know anything of the QB so will be interesting to get your take on the situation.

if he can come to old form he could do some really good things....that is a big if though

Probably got 50k signing bonus and retires the day after the check clears. :roll: Lol yes the "future qb for years to come"

34 and hasn't a sniff about our game. I guess this fall in the category of "no rock unturned" philosophy. Good to see the scouting really paying off big dividends on finding a young qb.

Good to see that some think that young promising QBs are "recruited" without being on a negotiation list for a bare minimum of 2 years. Reality is that they are on them for 2-3 years and that it is very unusual for them to slip through the cracks to the point they are available to be recruited before that. They have a few young QBs on the roster right now to look at...none were "recruited" because there was nothing on the existing neg list that was a combination of both worth it and available. I do not like that they potentially have a 37 and a 34 year old on the roster...should be one or the other. If Vince plays to his potential of ole it is a nice pickup for a couple of years until a neg list guy or other is brought in and it sounds like it is economical enough to allow some other moves. I suspect that if by chance Young starts panning out Glenn is on the 6...which sucks because he did get a signing bonus but it hides his salary and is still around as insurance....good to have some CFL experience around and worth that bonus I guess.

highly doubt it is a 50k bonus...but I guess it is possible....there have been a couple tweets stating that it was a low enough incentive that losing it would not be a big deal.

Also...I still know 3 names that they are interested in that have no pro experience. I only know of one that is for sure on the neg list...not sure on the others.

according to Lawless he is getting upfront money the amount though is not mentioned. Funny though is when you said you weren't thrilled about this signing but all right if no upfront money was forked out. Well guess what....

come on man this smacks of desperation and if any other team did it I would say the same thing.

Heck the guy isn't in game shape or by the sounds of it close to that even. So who even says he gets up to that standard by TC? A wasted spot in my opinion and yes probably more money P***ed away but heck Jones is a pro at that now isn't he.

I said he "No doubt he wants a signing bonus...which he better not get or if he does better be like 5k." ie...if he gets a signing bonus it better be nominal so that they are not burned if they have to walk away from it...which is what a couple tweets from media have seemed to indicate is the case. I can understand his side wanting something so that it is not seen as some sort of publicity stunt or something and that he has no real shot of making it....which is a fair view for them in this situation. I am going to assume it is a smaller bonus and base with a large incentive package based on play until indications are otherwise.

He looks in pretty respectable shape to me and is apparently in town partly to get into a workout regiment....a few months should be enough time to get into alright shape when he is clearly still working out a fair bit

at the end of the day Young is or at least was a good QB...if he can come to form it is hard to hate this move even if I am tentative on feeling it has a high likelihood of success....of course if they dropped 50k on a bonus he better work out very well as they already have cash into a QB.

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I think this whole thing is ridiculous, they may well of kept durant and avoided all this uncertainty.

THIS isn't just a recently retired/ cut NFL QB who wants to resurrect his career. He hasn't been a meaningful QB since 2009.It was always his athletic ability that carried him.His personal life financially at least is a mess as he burned through at least 65 million dollars and declared bankruptcy. He always had a bit of a petulant attitude (throwing shoulder pads into the crowd in anger) and on and on.I don't see anyway this isn't just another distraction for a bunch of real football players on the riders.
Sorry I meant to post this in the main board.My apologies

Heck no problem posting it here as it is truthful and you didn't trash talk the team for it. Always good to get "outsiders "take on things as long as it done with tact.

Also, if he's just here to try get back to the NFL., then he's really wasting our time , we should be trying to develope another younger q.b.

He has claimed for a about 3 years that he has no desire to do the NFL again. The video explains that and is actually a pretty good watch.

I could be wrong but I believe he got out of his bankruptcy because he got royally Fd over by reps and took it to court. I've also heard he makes about 1.3 mil per year off of name branding even now

Yikes, comes to mind after reading Wikipedia. He does have tons of awards but I wonder where his head will be at coming to Sask after some of the big money this man has had roll through his fingers. Chicken feed here in comparison. So I hope he can get everything back on trac and hopefully play again at 110%. I just think that is a huge hurdle to handle to get your head straight after his past and fame to Canadian coin. Maybe he can, maybe he wants to, maybe he will, maybe, maybe, maybe... Definitely interesting, and would it ever be cool if he is still hungry for more awards and craves the fame. I would almost bet that RiderNation would stand behind and love to see a QB tear the opposition apart.

Pretty effective 'publicity stunt'..... Expensive one??
I'm just amazed!? :cowboy:

a 6-5 230lb 2 time probowl ROTY QB with a chip on his shoulder and playing purely because he wants to not because he needs to....IMO worth looking at...even with his time away from the game...just hope the bonus is low...but he is not in this for the money at all.

The team worked him out recently down south with JJ/CJ/SM all there and felt he did pretty well.

hot head in the past...perhaps...based on some of what he said in the link I posted I can't fault him for some of it...yeah he has to own some as well...but there are clearly 2 sides to it. older with more perspective and settled with a family coming here to play ball and putting his business on hold and getting a leave from a very good job...the man wants to play and after the presser he just had I feel a little warmer about it. Will be interesting if nothing else.

Just caught the last 30 minutes of the live press feed.

Man I am impressed with his attitude, honest answers to the questions and maturity.

I am also glad to hear that the Rider brass were impressed with his workout.

I really hope he can still play and keep up with the speed of professional game day.

If nothing else, this has me excited in March. :rockin:

Go Riders Go.

That ship has sailed. I don't think this will be successful but if he beats the odds it will be one of the great come back stories in sports.

That is where I am at. Unless they did something stupid contract wise it seems to be a low risk gamble for potential of very high reward. If it doesn't work out they are simply out some signing bonus...which thus far guys like Lawless are indicating is small.

The vet QB we go with needs to commit to a number of years to be able to mentor the young 'uns we need to develop. If VY is just in it for a token run…it does our development plan a disservice.

After Jones disaster season last year, the plan is "now"...

I somewhat disagree. If you have a dedicated QB coach and they can't do that then it is time for a new one. DD'S best years...for example...we're with a dedicated qb coach...I would imagine his next best were ones when the OC was also a QB coach and I would speculate the worst years were ones with nothing. A good QB to mentor under as well is a bonus but shouldn't be required...20 years ago I would entirely agree but most teams now recognize the value in the position