Vince Young training video.

I think the myth of Young being fat outta shape has been debunked.

It looks like a Nike(or similar company) commercial... if he is in shape, good for him, but still doesn't make him the saviour, nor does it mean he will make the team... his performance will... and that is the big question mark surrounding him... can he play, and make a difference? I just don't see it happening... drink all the Kool-Aid you like, but until he proves himself(and for the record, I hope he can), we will have to wait to see how he reacts in actual game situations... to me, that will speak volumes as to wether he can/can't play in this league.

Drink Kool aid? What are you talking about? Young has to earn his way onto the roster just like everyone else, including CFL vets.

The reason I posted this video is to show Young is not fat & outta shape like many haters claimed him to be.

Seriously? Who is the one that keeps posting on Vince Young? Everytime a thread like this is posted, it should automatically be locked just like the other ones eventually were... all you are doing is being a Chris Jones shill... or will break your legs jumping off he Young bandwagon like the countless other times you turned on former Rider players, coaches, GMs? After all it is your M.O.


What is wrong with posting about Vince Young? He is a quarterback on a CFL roster. This video of him is CFL newsworthy given that it shows he's in shape & taking this seriously.

I'm willing to talk about any CFL subject... try posting something other than a VY or new Mosaic thread... for a change

I'm not sure how 30 seconds of clips proves he's in game shape, but sure, start another Vince Young thread :lol:

It shows that hes not fat & out of shape (like some on here claimed) & that he's taking this seriously. It's quite amusing how much angst this is bringing some of you. Fascinating, really.

:lol: you're the one that keeps posting about him.

But how does that show he's in game shape? He's not 300 lbs, but that doesn't mean he's ready to play professional football.

...just to be clear, the previous threads were locked not because they were about VY but because they spiraled into monkey-poo flinging name-calling insult fests between certain posters...if everyone involved can keep it from spoiling then great! the forum should have a topic on this development in the riders camp...

...that being said, Vegas hasn't posted the odds on how this thread pans out...

....the OP didn't make that claim, only that VY appears to be in better shape than previously thought...from that video I would agree that he looks like he is in pretty decent shape still...can he read a defense? can he scramble and keep track of his receivers? can he take a blind-side hit and hold onto the ball? no, the video doesn't speak to that....all will be revealed I suppose...

Does he though? He looks like the same guy we saw at the press conference, in workout clothes instead of a suit. I don't see how this video tells us anything.

Well said. Mini camp in a couple weeks is gonna be very interesting. Word is ESPN, FOXsports, & others will be there. Great exposure for the CFL. opinion, yes...everyone has their own opinion...

how do we know this video is current? Could have been from 6 or 7 years ago as far as I can tell.....

Man this place doesn't change does it. Someone starts a topic and someone always comes in and critiques the validity and/or it's worthiness enough of discussion.

Don't reply if you're tired of hearing of VY.

He's throwing a CFL football, so I think that shows it is recent.

???? uhh do we know this is current? Now I hope you don't take a defensive stance on a fair and reasonable question. Exactly how is one supposed to know it's current?

edit - ahh.....CFL ball, good eye......there that wasn't so hard was it?

He can post whatever he wants, lighten up dude

nailed it...I was actually pretty surprised with the condition he appears to be in. I honestly figured he would show up for mini and not be in shape, but that clearly is not going to be the case. I still look at this with a mixed feeling...I would love to see a player like VY back playing ball for any team if he could approach close to previous form....I of course fear it might be a total flop...but it will be interesting to watch if nothing else and should bring a lot of US media and fan attention.