Vince Young to finally give the CFL a try?

[b][u]Vince Young is being forced to sell all his stuff[/u]

Police entered Vince Young’s home on Monday morning to settle an old debt.

According to a report by KHOU Houston, police constables in Harris County, TX entered Young’s home to take an inventory of all his belongings and value them for auction. These items will be auctioned off by court-order to settle a $1.7 million debt that Young owes a company called Pro Player Funding.

Pro Player Funding gave Young a high-risk loan during the 2011 NFL lockout that Young then defaulted on. Young claims that the company and his former financial adviser Ronnie Peoples duped him into taking out the loan. A court ruled in favor of Pro Player Funding and Young has been disputing the judgment ever since.

The story is sad on a lot of levels. It’s sad that Young couldn’t handle the rapid acquisition of wealth and couldn’t be more responsible with his money. It’s also sad that people gave him bad advice and offered him high-risk loans he probably shouldn’t have been offered.

Sad all around.

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Young is a respectable QB...but this is a guy who blew through over 60 mil in salary and endorsement and owes somewhere around 2 mil (i think 1.9 or something) to a legalized loanshark. One - this is some high potential for drama, Two - if he can't pay that off, then he would honestly be better off not taking a job in the CFL, because he would never see a cent of his earnings.

It is a shame. Vince was not great with his money, but he was also taken advantage of big time. I hope the NFL is stepping up with councilling.

yes, it is a shame and entirely preventable.
If the debts are far too ominous to overcome, Young may be wise to declare bankruptcy and try the CFL in an effort to rebuild his life.

and if so inclined, he'd better get on the fast track as he is now 30 years of age with the clock still ticking, and unfamiliar with the Canadian game.
Former NFL QB David Archer made an immediate impact in the CFL at the age of 31, thus it is not inconceivable for Young to carve a career north of the border at this stage.

BTW, do the Als still own his CFL rights?

please, explain to me how all this, leads to him possibly giving the CFL a try?

The irony...

Last I read he was working out for some NFL clubs and if unsuccessful was going to take a commentator job on the broadcast team of his College team. So not sure why this leads to the CFL. Last conversation Popp had with his agent in January was that he was not interested in coming to Canada. Now if AC is in his last year (a possibility) then the prospect of earning 300k might entice him but I doubt it.

No official way of knowing, which is silly. Players often do not even know that they are on these lists.

I guess not.
Young just signed with the Packers.

[b]The Packers also reportedly signed veteran quarterback Vince Young to a one-year deal Monday, looking for depth with Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman behind Rodgers on the depth charge. Both the Journal Sentinel and reported the signing, citing unidentified sources.

Young has played for Tennessee, Philadelphia and Buffalo since he was the No. 3 overall pick out of Texas in the 2006 draft.[/b]

Thanks for the chuckle. I hear that lawyers in Boston are negotiating with the CFL to have Aaron Hernandez do some hard time with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

just because he signed a contract for training camp does not mean he will make the team last season the same happend as he received a 300K signing bonus only to get released and not be picked up by any other NFL team.
He did attend the Texas U pro day for scouts so maybe Green Bay saw that he was in shape and ready to play.
If he did receive any kind of signing bonus it will probably go right to paying off his debt.
If he should make an NFL roster he should be in the about 700K minimum veteran salary range with his tears of roster service.
If he is in shape and really does want to play he does have the make up to be a prime CFL QB. If he is of the modern NFL free agent who has been watching CFL games on the Networks and ESPN3 he could climb the ladder fast and become and earn himself an elite type salary if he does well as a starter.
He however does not strike me as the kind of guy who would be keeping up with the CFL trends and nice $$$ and longevity of starting that goes to these elite guys. :frowning:

The guy couldn't figure out how to live on a healthy NFL QB salary. At an elite CFL QB salary he'd be living on the streets the way he plows through money.

The biggest aspect of that story is what was GB thinking heading into camp with only 3 QBs? What if one of them suffered an injury? I don't know how often a team will head to camp with fewer than 4 QBs, if nothing more than to just redistribute some throws from the starter to help keep his arm fresh. Now one of them has a rough outing in a team scrimmage and they are scrambling to bring in Vince Young. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy and smart football men but that leaves me scratching my head trying to understand what they were thinking.

This guy will piss away any money he earns unless he gets an advisor who can rein him in. Sad for such a super athletic guy. But the brain counts as well in life, of course.

I think that comes under the parameters of cruel and unusual punishment

I don’t know much if anything about Hernandez but if he ends up not having much money, I’ve heard that they treat all sorts of ailments with our health care system in Winnipeg as well as Vancouver, Montreal or Toronto (probably better though in smaller locales like Regina and Saskatoon), even if the mosquitie bites are a tad bigger in Winnipeg. :wink:

I remember David Usher at a concert, after he moved back to Canada, to Montreal, after living in NYC. What did he say? He said it’s friggin expensive health care there in the US when you’re not covered by a company health care plan.

I doubt V. Young could ever play in the CFL, and only then probably as a 3rd-stringer. The team would be better off tracking down Cleo Lemon if they're that desperate, who's started over 20 CFL games not that long ago and knows the league...and had a pretty decent QB rating. :expressionless:

You know Xv, I am starting to come to the conclusion it takes more smarts to be an excellent qb in the CFL compared with the NFL. In the NFL if you have a rifle arm which most do, strong arm sorts, you can zing it in there but a guy with not such an arm won't be looked at much so some come to the CFL. But here without that arm they can't zing it in there and get away with poor reads so they have to rely more on touch passes and dropping it in the bucket and also able to figure out that 13th defender which is new to them.

Of course I'm not saying anything new, Warren Moon said being a CFL qb is tougher than the NFL, remember way back him saying that.

Moon, said that same statement to me at this years Grey Cup. Garcia has said the same thing as well

Nope, greenbay.

He has officially filed for bankruptcy.

Former Titans QB Vince Young files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Sixteen months ago, it was reported that Young was nearly out of money, despite once signing a contract that guaranteed him $26 million.

Now, he's had to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, according to the Houston Chronicle. The paper reports that attorney Brian Kilmer filed a petition in a Houston federal bankruptcy court, listing Young's assets worth between $500,001 and $1 million with liabilities between $1,001,000 and $10 million.

Young, meanwhile, had sued his former agent and financial advisor, saying they had attempted to defraud him by obtaining the loan from Pro Player Funding and then taking the money for themselves. Reportedly, an unannounced settlement has been reached in that case.

By Josh Katzowitz

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He still can't get over that the won't get another NFL contract. He put on a lavish wedding last year. Until his head is right, he would not stand a chance up here. Selling your million dollar mansion and five exotic care and come and pine in Winnipeg for 150k a year takes humility.

While Vince may possess superlative physical skills, he lacks the all important cerebral skills necessary to succeed in the CFL. (or NFL it seems)

and without basic good sense, I don't foresee coaching as a future endeavor of his either.

Good to luck to him in whatever path he decides to take from here on in.