Vince Young State Of Fitess

I know nothing about this guy.

His photos indicate he looks way out of shape.
Will not sugar coat it . The guy is fat.
His face is bloated.

In the CFL, you need to be mobile and scramble.
He looks like he should be on the o-line.

However, I will say this much.
His wife is hot. Major hot. Super hot. :thup:

He does not actually look terribly out of shape to me. He always have a face that looked pudgy
I am not going to say he is in game shape but I don’t think he is out of reach from getting there in a few months. He probably needs to drop 20-25 lb by camp…that is not that hard when you are dedicating your days to it.

.....Oh but Migs. thinks he's fit.... :lol: One of the only rider fans in Regina to have that opinion..

That is a huge difference.

Does not even look like the same person.

Hope he can keep that positive smile during the Riders 6 - 12 2017 season.

Like I said...20 to 25 pounds....which would be 10% over his playing weight. That is not exactly a huge deal IF he is taking it reason whatsoever that can't be dropped in a few months...if it's not you release him...pretty good indicator as to how serious he is taking it all.

For what it's worth, in this Wikipedia article he reportedly scored a 6 (out of 50, average NFL QBs score 20) on the Wonderlic test, but was retested the next day and scored 16 — the same score as Dan Marino and Terry Bradshaw.

Jason Maas scored a 43. Travis Lulay scored a 37

You're being ridiculous, except for the beanie on his head he looks pretty much the same. Some of you want this to fail so badly, you're just saying stupid stuff.

Vince is already starting to run and workout , looks like he’ll be fit and ready and down to playing weight without a problem by training camp. :smiley: :rockin:

Vince "The Fridge" Young. :slight_smile:

I'd love to see photos of some of the people calling Vince Young fat...I'm willing to bet that 90% of you are fat yourselves.

Criticize him for his play when we see that.

Nik Lewis is heavy but a God on the field. That's all that's relevant.

Well I remember an excellent qb in the NFL, Sonny Jurgenson of the 'Skins, who didn't too bad with some extra fat around his waist, and he could scramble.

When it comes to Young his mental fitness may be just as important . Depression is a serious issue to overcome if he has it . I wish him well .

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Tennessee Titans called police for help searching for Vince Young because his therapist told coach Jeff Fisher the quarterback mentioned suicide several times before driving away from his home with a gun.

Both Fisher and Young have said what happened Monday night was overblown by the media. But the supplemental report filed Tuesday by Nashville police showed that Fisher was worried what his quarterback might be doing after the call from Young's therapist.

"I asked [Fisher], 'What made her worry about him?'" Lt. Andrea Swisher wrote. "He stated, 'His mood, his emotions, he wants to quit, and he mentioned suicide several times.' He went on to state that [Young] left the house with a gun."

The Titans declined to comment on details of the report. On Tuesday, the team issued a statement saying police had been called over concern for Young but those concerns were unfounded.

Hey. he has 60 days to get into shape for Training Camp. :wink:

Actually, He has 40 days to get in shape for Mini Camp!

Riders' Florida minicamp April 25-27 at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL is going to be an absolute circus, whether people want to admit it or not. ESPN and TSN will be on hand to cover the event along with, I'm told, Fox Sports, NBC Sports and plenty of Regina media outlets.

And what's going on in Argo land

They fired their Fat Guy! :wink:

Sad. You really think it's funny to make fun of other ppull? I'm not overweight so it's not like I take it personally, I just think it's puerile.

Well perhaps you can enlighten us.

How much does Vince Young weigh right now?

How is his cardio right now?

How much exercise does he do on a daily basis?

Seems like you pretend to know all the answers so perhaps you can share your "wisdom" with the rest of us?

…Wisdom…nah…just experienced and being an observant football fan for a helluva long time…The pic above pretty much says it all :lol: And I’d guess that guy would be described as not being very tc ready…Much like Vince :lol:

I remember Tom Wilkinson , Ron Lancaster, and Danny MacManus were " shaped " and did well.

However, those guys played in a different era.

These days mobility is so important. Will he have that ?
Time will tell.

I do not follow the NFL, so I do not know anything about him other than his name.
Perhaps he will be the next Warren Moon .
I am just saying he looks overweight.

Regardless, there are 4 teams in the West that are better and the East will be improved.

I still say Riders are 6 - 12.

So you really have no facts or anything of substance to say. Just blather.

Have a nice day. Bless you.