Vince Young Signs HUGE Deal

Titans signed Vince Young to a reported six-year contract, including $25.7 million in guaranteed money.
The total deal can be worth up to $58 million, although we suspect these initial figures will decrease when the official paperwork is seen. For now, this deal rivals No. 1 pick Mario Williams in guaranteed money and total dollars. It's great news for Tennessee to get Young in camp on time, but this could make Reggie Bush's negotiations that much tougher for New Orleans. Tennessee will do everything they can to bring Young along slowly this season.

That guy would be absolutely scary on a CFL field. Quadrupal threat.

Will be hard sitting him the first year while he's making that kind of $

People were saying Rickey Williams would rush for thousands of yards and guarantee Toronto the Cup.

Different style of game up here. Its tough to compare leagues. He could possibly be really succesful in both leagues. Unless he develops a drug problem, we'll never know how he'll do up here.

It will be interesting to see if Young can adapt to the NFL game. He has to have the smarts, you can't just get by on athletic talent as much as in college. I predict he will be successful but not in the first 2 years, pro defenses will force him to throw the ball and this will test his decision making ability agains't the best. Will be very interesting to watch though.
We should have signed him here in Hamilton but I think he probably wanted just a tad too much money for the CFL. :slight_smile: