Vince Young refused 2 year contract from Alouettes!

[i]Johnny was perusing the web while having his Sunday morning dessert cannellonis, when he found this:

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Yup, Vince Young was willing to join the Als for the rest of the season. Popp wanted him to sign a 2 year contract and he refused. Thank you Vince Young! Johnny prefers that we gots Troy Smith instead.

Wonder what happens to Vince now? :roll:


Vince is the Nikki Minaj of Football. He's one Crispy Cream away from losing his mind. Again his agent playing games because Troy is doing well in the CFL he's trying to get it out there that Vince was the Als first choice :lol: :lol:

Every CFL contract is two years. Who in their right mind would sign a QB who has never played a CFL game for part of a season. Go have another CrispyCream Nikki. I mean Vince.

Some people wonder why they don't get anywhere.

Is it any wonder why Young scored one of the lowest Wonderlic scores in NFL history? Nope.

anyone who blows through $64 million dollars ($34 mil from NFL + $30 mil in endorsements) and declares bankruptcy is as sharp as a clubbed seal.

Astute (or even adequate) decision making is not his forte.

Lazy never works well in the CFL for a QB.

Do we really want or need him?

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Vince qui?

He's agreed to sign with the condition that McGill puts up a Crispy Cream franchise at the stadium.

in addition to the craps table installed in the dressing room.

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Good article. To sum it up the question is now do the Als really need Vince Young and the answer is no. They had options to Young and Troy Smith has proved to be a good fit up to this point.
Young has stated that he has a life after football job waiting for him with the Longhorns and if thats the route he chooses so be it.
Troy Smith has decided he still wants to play pro football, has done everything right, Has already received a raise over last season and if he continues the way he is going he could find himself in a position, provided he stays healthy, to land a top QB salary that has become about at the 400K range.
I dont think the Als dominence has dimished because they have gotten worse but because Toronto and now Hamilton have placed themselves on a higher level.
If you compare rosters the Als are just as loaded with talent as any other team in the East and the CFL in general.
Certainly Tanner Marsh would not be ready to lead the Als to the Grey Cup but having Troy Smith already with a ton of high level football expereince transfering that into a CFL QB will keep the Als at a Hig level at the QB position sooner than later

I give credit to Jim Popp for building the QB position through recruiting :thup:
I'm very happy with our current roster of Quarterbacks.
There will be growing pains but the rest of the roster is so solid that its doable. Wally did it for decades.

Generally agree but I think Hamilton has as much or more of a question mark at QB than the Als. Lefevour looked good running his limited package last season and Collaros looked good as a fill-in for a talented and strong TO offence, but both remain more potential than proven.

Totally agree; and I doubt Higgins will be as rigid about not giving backups playing time.

I am anxious to "see" what the two rookies can do; both seem intriguing.

I agree totally that Hamilton's QB situation is not as good as many think. Smith will be a much better QB than what they have aquired in Hamilton. We will see but I think they have really rushed the QB in Hamilton. Last year in Toronto he did win 5 games but really did not play all that well IMHO.

Je crois qu’Austin a une vision plus à long terme pour les Timinous.

À mon sens, Collaros et Lefevour ont de belles dispositions pour se développer. Collaros a montré beaucoup de cran en relève à Ray l’an dernier et les Argonauts ont connu leur meilleure séquence de la saison alors qu’il était aux commandes. Je crois que Collaros a montré qu’il peut être partant dans cette ligue mais qu’il a encore du métier à apprendre. Je crois qu’Austin pourra le faire progresser et la compétition qu’il y aura entre Lefevour et lui sera très intéressante à suivre.

Est-ce que celui qui décrochera le poste cette saison aura du succès avec constance instantanément? Sans doute pas. Mais il me semble qu’un de ces deux gars-là sera avant longtemps un bon quart-arrière.