Vince Young makes cover of Sports Illustrated

Story here (SSK part is at the begining and the end)

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...Elvis has left the building....

I guess SI didn't get the memo about locking every VY story.

Damn, somebody sign that guy. Look at the shape he's in.

Where's bobo?

People who root for the failure of others do so because they are failures themselves.

Winners root for the success of others so they won't be alone at the top of the mountain.

Which are you?


:smiley: Where's bobo he asks ? :lol: Here I am :rockin: and all this time I thought it was "Where's Waldo" ? :smiley: 8)

By the way , just who is this Vince Young fellow ? Never heard of him before , but by the sounds of it someone should sign him up . :lol: :slight_smile:

My favourite part, about Young's time with the Riders:

Here was Young, right away, trading text messages in a group thread with his fellow quarterbacks, [b]none of them with a lick of NFL experience[/b]. He leaned on Kevin Glenn, a 17-year veteran (and his main competition for reps), for advice. He did all the right things, said all the right things.
The clear implication is that he had to humble himself to fit in with a group of unworthies. Even the guy who has held a steady job as a pro QB this entire century is, well, not NFL material like Young.

Indeed drummer_god

Reminds me of those lame motivation posters people put up on the walls of offices .

Not sure what your point is here. Grover just posted a SI report.

Can not recall anybody stating they " hoped " for failure.

A few jokes and funny pictures does not indicate that.

DING Vince Young, your Fifteen minutes are up ...



I think he's trying to point out that the Redblacks cheer for other teams to succeed, while the Roughriders and Argos cheer for other teams to fail.

...for a guy that isn't currently in sports VY just can't seem to stay out of the sports news..

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...dissing current QBs 'cause they have jobs and he don't...

I think that would apply to some sects of all fan bases...every team has fans that do this...but most don't, and that seems a heightened thing within the CFL, which I have always loved amongst its (majority of) fans

He is not wrong.

...but why say anything, all it comes across as is disgruntled/butthurt guy....

...besides, the Jets have made player personnel decisions based on which direction the fish in the corporate aquarium swim, this has been known for years...

I didn't really read it that way...If you read it all it is a guy saying he clashed with people in power and now he is on the outside looking and and throws out some pretty poor QBs who got continued shots as examples of how doors closed on him. Essentially he got black listed. Same thing he has said in interviews for years....and he admits he brought a lot of that on himself and earned it. I totally agree with him. I think the big frustration for him now is that he is a matured and changed person and has been for some time...but still has to look from the outside in.

...I read it (I typically don't post anything without a read first) and what I heard was angry not-fair words...but that is the problem with print media I suppose, you can get two different versions from the same text...regardless, it still puts something controversial out in public that does him no favours of ever getting a looksee from a NFL club again IMO, that is something a 'matured and changed person' wouldn't do....

I said matured and changed, not wise