Vince Young anyone???

From the cover NFL 2008, to going missing for the..................Alouettes negotioans list.

David William Naylor ?@TSNDaveNaylor

QB Vince Young, late of the Bills, has been added to the Montreal Alouettes negotiation list. #cfl #als

Here are his stats. You be the judge. For me, not impressed.

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[i]Vince Young!?!? Who gives a flying duck about this guy! :thdn:

Who's next? Jamarcus Russell????? Does Ryan Leaf have a son the Als can sign?[/i]

Memo to the Als: If the team needs receivers, Terrell Owens and Ocho Cinco are now available :wink:

Vince Young is one of the greatest ever NCAA College quarterbacks and has some interesting qualities for the CFL game but how much motivation does a 29 year old millionaire have to learn the CFL game ?

Nothing to lose by adding him on the negotiating list; I would say that roughly 75% of the 35 players on the Als negotiating list will never play for the Als; in the beginning of the year there were as much as 13 QBs on the list,according to Herb.

Vince Young may never play in Canada but I rather see him on the Als list than any other team in the CFL.


Popp was interviewed about adding Young to the list and this was his reasoning was as you mention, nothing to lose and no guarantee he will ever come north.

The man needs a job:

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Quelle attirance Popp peut-il avoir développé pour les quarts qui ont eu des problèmes? McPherson, Garcia, Young, ça fait une belle trâlée en pas longtemps! Remarquez que pour McPherson, on ne s'en plaint pas!

Wow Vince Young did not make any NFL roster and is reportadley broke.
He may very well still be on the short list for NFL teams if a QB should get hurt.
I cant see under any circumstances in which the Als would sign him this season or trade his rights to another team to sign him this season.I do not think that Young is ready to make that move to the CFL this season anyway but as the weeks go on you may see him appear on a UFL roster as he is not collecting a paycheck.
he is still only 29 years old and would most likely be at his best if the UFL does become an option giving teams a reason to sign him.
He does have the arm and mobility to be a CFL QB and if he should choose to go that route he would need to make an early decision and get with a CFL team in the off season for some training.
Was a smart move by Popp to get his rights even if they do not want him he will command something decent in return in a draft pick most likely. Edmonton after the season still has limited options in signing a free agent QB or trading for a top back up.
It will be an interesting watch as if he is still willing to play he can get some job security by signing with the CFL.
Joseph will be done after this season and no one may even be interested in jyles anymore and Buck Pierce may be seen as no more than a back up at this point.
I can see teams follow Saskatchewans lead and go after some new blood in the CFL in QBs with some level of pro experience. They need to make sure that the player is interested in a career in the CFL as Drew Willy is and JT o sullivan is and in Calgary Bo levi Mitchell is as a true top rookie.
Colt Brennan had no interestst in the CFL he did not even know their were 20 yard endzones.

Montreal has a plethora of great strip clubs and Young is rumored to pretty much live at them so at least there's a natural fit there.. :lol: :lol:

Vince young is a better QB then steven Jyles no matter what rules you play or how big or small the field is.

that's not saying much

Exactly my point. Jyles has no business be a starting QB in the CFL right now

former NFL stars named Vince do not do well in the CFL, right Mr. Ferragamo?

Vince Ferragomao cashed in on one season of NFL Success. What many do not realize is the Feragamo was the 2nd string QB for the Rams that season when Pat Hadn got Hurt. Ferragamo did lead them to the Super bowl but Haden haelth for the next season would againg be the starting QB. with less NFL teams at the time. Ferraomo had do got with the heihst freeagent offer which cam from th Als.
Feragammo was not that good of an NFL QB at anytime in his career and was one year wonder. Vine young is a comlpetely different player was a quality starter at one time and a quality back up also and could not find the Right fit for him on a NFL team for now.
Young is reportetly broke so if he decides to come to the CFL he would need to be motivated to play. If not he will be a bust for sure if so he has all the tools to play in the CFL mobility and a strong arm. Perfectly built for the CFL Simila to Henry Burris.
Young has been to 2 pro bowls
Young was a fine back up but onluwent 1-2 in one of the losses he trough for over 400 yards against the Patiots. was realeased by the Eagles and picked up by the Bills who also cut him with the slew of rookie QBs coning in to 2012 7 are starting.
Seemingly a problem player may be the reason NFL teams have sighne him as a backup.
With Him being supposedly broke and no NFL team picks him up this season he could attemped to join the UFL in October or before if it appears that his stigma may be keeoing form NFL teams to sign him.
If he feels hat the NFL will not sign him to his isues he coud chose to bome north in the offseason and come in for of season workout.
With the right attitude and he being broke the CFL would have to pay him a nice chunk of money and job security but it would have to be better thatn the UFL's 40K salary plus housing in only an 8 game season or he would take another shot at makng the NFL as a backup.
He is only 29 and will be 30 before the next football season.

As the expos did with Dennis Martinez, Pascual Perez et al. Montreal is the land second,third and infinity chances.