Vince Young and the problem with American's optics of CFL

Rapoport was told Young is not interested in kick-starting his career with a CFL team. The Montreal Alouettes hold Young's CFL rights. General manager Jim Popp said Young would be a backup with the Alouettes, playing behind 40-year-old quarterback Anthony Calvillo. (The indignity never ends.) If the NFL isn't calling, and the CFL isn't an option, what's next? With his 30th birthday approaching, Young's future is as hazy as ever.
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Not sure what young could be thinking here. Any QB Montreal brings in will be fighting for a back up spot as long as Calivillo is there.
As for young who appears to be broke and supposedly has worked himself into top shape he should be looking into any offer that is given to him.

L'avenir de Young? Aux USA, c'est le "chapter 11", non?

Already there.

Lets see how his tune changes if he does not get any interest from the NFL. He has apparently gotten himself into shape this off season something which was an issue last season but a 350K signing bonus was enough to live on. After last year however he will have no such luck and most likley no such NFL interest.
If he would look at the Big Picture with his Big frame strong arm and ability to run AC is out the door soon or Young could be traded if he shows promise early in his CFL time.
Getting to a starting spot in the CFL would come with about a 500K pay check.
At this point too many other NFL QBs have passed him interest and age and years aof service salry wise being lower that he may not even be considered as a backup in the NFL.
He definetely has more talent for the CFL then JT O'Sullivan who made a CFL roster in his first year after 10 years as an NFL back up. JT O has zero mobility but a rifle for an arm.
Chase Clement
Max Hall although younger certainly are not as good as Young could be if he wanted.

JTO was cut. He's currently unemployed.

I know he is no longer with the team but he was with the team as there number three the entire 2012 season.
JT O also is not broke and has other endevours he is pursuing for life after football and after 10 NFL seasons will receive a nice pension.
Young is broke

Did not suggest he was broke, just unemployed as a football player. Saskatchewan fans really liked him. Everything I've read about him is first class individual.

As for Vince, he's turning 30 this week. That's getting up there to come and learn to be a CFL QB. He just got married last year, he's in a good place, sometimes its best to move on. If he still had enough fire, he would not have turned down the backup position with the Als twice.

He turned down those back up offers because he still had NFL offers going right into last year still made 350K through a singing bonus with Buffalo. Being that he is married could be all the reason more that he got himself into top football shape but after last years flop in Buff no other NFL team may be interested. It will come down to his attitude twoards the CFL it always does for an import veteran especilly at QB.
If he can see that he will have an oppurritunity to become a starter which will come along with a 500K salary most likely for all starters in the near CFL future.


Young a 30 ans. S'il vient ici, il lui faut 2 ans pour s'adapter au jeu, il est rendu à 32 ans avant d'être partant, s'il s'avère effectivement meilleur que les autres. Sa venue me semble peu probable et d'un intérêt mitigé.

Well, Hfx, as I said in an earlier post, many football fans think of the CFL the way they consider Arena football, Amercian Indoor football...etc,. etc., i.e. not real football. An indignity? Absolutely.

As I have also said - repeatedly - I hope the sports culture changes in this country to be something other than a "one horse town" where it comes to the national sport, hockey. Understand that I am not demeaning hockey fans, but I am saying that there are sports other than hockey that deserve attention. It is my hope that that the CFL will get that attention. I believe it is the only professional league in Canada where all of the teams are Canadian. I look forward to expanion, much bigger stadia, bigger crowds, salaries that will attract top-notch players... Then, maybe, just maybe, this condescending attitude will dissipate. I don't think I will ever live to see it in my lifetime, but that is my hope.

I agree with that is biggest is that he seems not to have any interest yet he is not getting any CFL interest. He is 30 and it could take 2 years as a back up but if he was to stick it out for one he would be getting a 6 digit paycheck witch could include a small signing bonus his first year. As I said those imports, and there are many more than in the past due to the technology, know what the CFL is and that you can make a good living especially if you get to a starting QB stop. If he is to play in the NFL his Minimum salary would move up into the 7-9 year minimum frome the 4-6 year minimum which could cause team to look elsewhere as young would not be looking at a #3 spot but a #2 spot.
To his advantage is his skill set that can emulate at least the read option in practice for game prep vs a read option QB but is it worth it to a team to sign him for all that when they can get a player like Pat white who has a 2nd year NFL salary and possibility even practice roster eligibility after playing only spending one season on the Dolphis roster, his only in the NFL