Vince McMahon retires as WWE chairman and CEO amid investigation into alleged

Monumental day but only a matter of time.

John Lauranitis is out too.

Stephanie McMahon takes over and Triple H is back in the fold.... until the family sells their shares which wouldn't surprise me if it happens.

Maybe Redbird will buy them lol


Well I had heard rumours over the years, but I never checked into it myself.

Anyway, here was one of the articles from 12 July that goes into some of the details of the allegations. Like many, I am hardly surprised.

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Least surprising allegations ever. The man is human scum.

Edit: Please, in advance, spare me your "but we don't know all the facts" and "let the courts decide" nonsense. The legal system is categorically designed to protect people who commit sexual harassment, misconduct, and rape.


I was a WWF/WWE fan in the 80s and 90s ... until the "Attitude/Austin" era ... my favourite WWE moment became Brett Hart KO'ing Vince with one punch after the Montreal Screw-Job ... GOOD RIDDANCE


Now maybe there might be a return to some wrestling terminologies like "the title belt" or a title shot or shot at the title, and in general, put the wrestling back in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Personally I think World Wrestling Evolution sounds better.

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Don't bet on it.

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How do you mean?

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Those references were undoubtedly dropped because "market research" found they didn't resonate with the WWE's target market.

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Wrestling should go back to the territories model now that Vince is forced into retirement. Stephanie and Triple H will F**k up the transition of power the WWE has now

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I was never the biggest fan, but in seeing a documentary here and there I got an appreciation for the characters they built in the past.

Last week on the way to work, a white Cadillac hearse was in front of me and hurrying along.

Now when you have a hearse speeding in front of you, where in the world could it be going in such a hurry? :thinking:

Anyway, it did not appear this white hearse had its common cargo and as I drove by, I wanted to give the driver a thumbs up because at the very least for the day, in my imagination the speeding driver was ...Paul Bearer! :stuck_out_tongue:

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I think the CFL will expand to the US, go to a single division before they will be wrestling territories.

The Indys (Independents) are sort of like the old territory system without McMahon wiping them out.

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Wow... you floored it and miraculously caught up to Paul Bearer's speeding hearse! That overtaking was quite an undertaking! :smiley:

There you go again telling us what we can post.

I know I shouldn't bite, but. . .

What you term as "nonsense" others describe as due process of law.

But I know, 'innocent until proven guilty' sure is inconvenient when it comes to persons you believe to be human scum.

And please inform us what, specifically, is your background and/or experience in the legal system, that makes you conclude that the system is "categorically designed" to do something or other? And what is the difference between "categorically designed" as opposed to garden variety designed?

Finally, how come Weinstein and Maxwell, for example, weren't "protected" ?

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