Vile Ancient Sailors vs. Melons

Nobody commenting here on this board and pretty quiet on the main. Nice A$#%0 fumble just now.

Riders looking like they're from the 'Peg.

lol Whatever happened to the "mighty" Riders who were going to win all season AND the GC?? :roll:
They've been looking pretty ordinary lately, plain bad last week and now are getting hit by the injury bug. Sheets down but walking off the field. The end of his record breaking season?? -or maybe just a short detour.


I didn't even realize this was a game thread until I re-read the

Oh, look.. if you don't gift wrap field position for the Asshos, they can't score...... intriguing thought eh Saskatchewan?

So far it's the Riders that are steering near Charybdis. I hope that the Blue Team is soon drawn to Scylla!

I'm feeling poetic tonight!

No worse than Evil Incarnate @ - Nags :lol:

Riders finally get on the board with a MIlo FG :roll:

And THAT is why I am happy Collaros is an Assho.... they think he has so much potential :lol: :lol:

Collaros picked - Riders evening up the turnover battle :twisted:

WOW... Milo hits the upright... seems to be a contagious thing going on!

Loss of sheets a big problem for Riders. Come on melonheads!

Milo misses - bounces off the post :oops: - Sounds bit familiar :roll:

Nite guys.... gotta' speak in the morning about 150 km. away and it's getting late here in Cambridge, ON. Come on Riders..... please!!!!!

"Perhaps any further comments should go over to the main board. It's a bit thin there as well."

Later Mark

Meh, the main board is a last resort.. for me at least

Well... will that TD wake up a slumping Rider team?

TD Riders!!!

Rider recover fumble!!

This game is becoming a comedy of errors!

Riders FD at the 12. Knocking at the door again.

Riders will have to settle for 3, but this will give them the lead