Vikings vs. Saints

Man, what's going on with the Vikings? I've been watching it off and on, and they keep turning the ball over. Apparently Peterson's fumbled it twice, some guy (#12) just fumbled it deep in his own territory, and apparently Favre's thrown a pick.

I'll tell ya, I hope Minnesota advances to the SB to face my Colts. They're looking like easy pickins! :lol: :lol:

Its a pretty good game but I think the Vikings might be dominating right now...if they hadn't turned the ball over so many times.

Great game though.

Vikes just tied it up again! :rockin:

You're right, they're leading in yards and TOP. It's the fumbles that are killing them.

Game's tied, and Favre has the ball with two minutes left. Should be an interesting finish. :lol:

I see the Vikes must have been watching the Riders and the GC, a bit of too many men on the field syndrome rubbing off on the Vikes. :wink:

Good game though, Favre is one tough competitor that's for sure. Bad pass though at the end after the 12 men in the huddle gaff.

Kind of reminded me of the NYG game a couple years ago when he threw a pick in OT, and cost the Packers the game. Brutal... I agree with the announcers, he had plenty of room, he should've ran. He probably could've picked up 10 yards. Instead, here we are in OT. :lol:

Ah...brutal PI call. That pass was incompete, refs should balance it all out and overturn it and game on...

Wow how asinine is the NFL's overtime. Well done, a coin toss has determined who gets the right to play for a championship.
And yeah, what a bad call on that passer interference.
But I'm blown away at the travesty of that OT format, always have been...

I wonder if there's a stat out there for how often the team that wins the coin toss wins the game... Ah well, an interesting game, and I'll be honest, I liked it a whole lot more when my Colts had to face the Bears in the SB. :lol:

i personally will have little interst now in the super bowl. but i bet you will chief(i thought i heard you say you were a colts fan). i really liked the story's of the jets and vikings. but i guess the saints story is pretty good too. im just not a fan of either team.

vikings did everything they could to give the game to NO. If the same NO teams shows up in SB, it will be a very one sided game. Havent seem much of NO this yr, didnt see their supposed no 1 offense today.

Its to keep the OT short and end a game that's already 3-4 hours long more quickly.

Those players are worth a lot of money...they don't want them getting hurt in OT, especially in the regular season.

Its actually pretty logical for regular season play but in the playoffs....its brutal.

Vikings D is A LOT better than the Colts D.

It'll be a shootout in Miami. I don't feel so bad for the Vikings after thinking about it. Any team that turns the ball over 5 or 6 times in a game simply doesn't deserve to win.

I agree, Matt. They were saying the Vikings fumbled 6 times, and lost 3 of them. That's pretty brutal. Hard to make a case that they should be in the SB.

Now we get to wait two weeks. :roll:

that overtime rule is a joke.

Yeah and Favre threw two INTs.

So 5 turnovers, if you lose a game after 5 turnovers I have a hard time taking in any complaints about the refs because if the Vikings had handled their business they'd have won 50 -28 but they literally dropped the ball....and that's that.

Excellent game filled with great plays and bonehead plays. I'm not a fan of this overtime format, I think both teams should get a possesion on offence but whatever, them's the rules. Feel good story for the Saints though after Katrina.

yeah, it was not a pretty game at all.

Interesting that the Vikings pulled a Roughrider... sort of.

Near the end of regulation, they were in FG range. They decided to snap one more time to get a better position. What happened? Too many players, 12 men in the huddle. 5-yard penalty, out of FG range. One last snap, Favre passed... intercepted.

Game went to OT, Saints won coin toss, won the game, and going to Superbowl.

I don't mean any disrespect, but Katrina was 5 years ago. The Saints had their feel good story in 2006 when they returned to the Superdome, and advanced to the NFC Championship game, and lost to the Bears.