Vikings sign Sinkfield

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Good luck to Terrell

Damn is right from a fan perspective, who didn't love Sink??? One of my favourite players of the Austin era, sad to see him go but I hope he can become a main target for Teddy down in Minnesota, he chose a good team to sign with who are in need of some explosive receivers. If not, hopefully Austin told him the door will always be open for a return to the Hammer.

4.19 40 yard dash, that is insane speed .... funny to think we might have had the three fastest players in CFL history within the last five years starting with Chris Williams, then Brandon Banks and Sinkfield. Can anyone think of a player who was faster than any of these three?

Hopefully there is another burner waiting for his chance in black and gold.

Sinkfield is one of my favourites, but google the 4.1, some say it is not true.

Yea 40 yard dash times are ballpark figures at best. No shame if its not true because he easily still runs a 4.2 at least. It is kinda like Bo Jackson's mythical 4.12, a lot of people call bullshit but it is fun to talk about and there will never be a way to disprove it.

It has been a fun five or so years though, speed kills in football and we have been blessed beyond belief with electrifying talent. Best of luck to Sink I really think with his size and speed he can carve out a long career in the NFL, just needs to work on his hands which I saw a HUGE improvement in last season.

Here it is, judge for yourself........

Like everyone else I'm sad to see us lose Sink but on the other hand I'm happy for him to get another shot in the NFL and Ironically just like Breaux going home to play in New Orleans for his home town Saints is the fact that the same thing has happened to Sinkfield who is originally from Minnesota and he also lands with his hometown Vikings. Hopefully if things don't work out down there for him that he will consider coming back to the CFL and as a Ti-Cat once again. I'm sure that Austin would welcome him back with open arms if he can and it's possible.

As for possible replacements for Sink the team recently re-signed the relatively unknown Kealoha Pilares who replaced an injured Sinkfield in the East Final last year plus they still have Toliver returning next season from injury as well and also I believe Junior Collins who played a few games last season and caught a beauty TD catch against the Riders that I recall from that game. Quincy McDuffie might also be an option although I'm not sure if he is still around , I seem to recall hearing that he was released after the season was over.

McDuffie has been signed by WPG.

Drew Edwards ? @scratchingpost
#Bombers have signed former #TIcats WR @qmcduffie14, a speed guy who’s had injury issues. #CFL

Well with that news I guess we can scratch McDuffie off the list of possible replacements for Sink. I'm thinking that it might turn out to be a sneaky good signing by the Bombers, McDuffie didn't get much opportunity to play when he was here and a change of scenery might just be what the doctor ordered for him to play more on a regular basis. Hopefully he doesn't comeback to haunt us like Ellingson did last year in Ottawa.

How about Dressler ? Isn’t he a Tillman recruit ?

It would be nice but the hot rumour and speculation is that Dressler is soon to be a Blue Bomber , but ya never know until it's official anything can happen in this crazy the saying goes......Stay tuned for further developments. :o

grrr. sad to see him go mad that none of these guys aren't playing for the Giants :cry: :x

I wish him the best in the NFL and if it doesn't work out...please, may he come back where he is appreciated. :thup:

Happy for ya Sink, if things don't work out down south, you'll be welcome here in the Hammer.

Now, as of noon Sat. Jan. 23, it's officially confirmed:

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It's funny about Dressler, after not making it in the NFL a year ago, he turned down a higher offer to play for the
2 - 16 REDBLACKS. He wanted to return to the Riders because he figured they had a better chance of going to the GC...... :oops: :oops: :oops: One year later the Riders release him

Players going back to NFL:its increasing every year for all CFL teams , no NFL Europe anymore for years and Arena League........... wish him luck!$ NO FUN LEAGUE ..........just about the cash$$$$ :thdn:

I know he is a running back but imo Mossis Madu would be a good replacement

Underwood would fit in and Watt is coming back. Not sure we have to sign a replacement.

Team will bring in a few new WR to compete at camp. I must admit to liking the possibility of Dressler though.
Will miss Sink. He was VERY good for us last year.