Viewing Recommendation?

Greetings Fellow CFL Fans!

Looking for any recommendations folks may have out there for good places to go out and watch some games in the US. Specifically the Burlington, Vermont area. I hope to get up to a few games in Montreal this season but just finding a good sports bar where other CFL fans gather would be great too.

Thanks so much!

Talk to your local sports bar and ask if they can obtain the TSN feed on their satelite package.

Just check the ESPN 2 and ESPN News schedules. Those two channels are carrying a number of games...

Thanks for the recommendation! I can also get a number of games through the ESPN Xbox Live App (including last weeks Bombers - Redblacks game) but also trying to find a public venue with other fans to enjoy some games with. Birds of a feather and all that!

I just did a search for Burlington, VT sports bars and this is what came up. Hope it helps!

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