Viewership in the US?

Just wondering what the viewership is like in the US and how the CFL can capitalize on the market south of the border :?:

With the growth of the league over the past few years, there needs to be a strategic plan put in place to showcase the CFL stateside :!:

It would be great to see the league's popularity grow in the US and elsewhere. Thoughts? 8)

I think one of the four major networks should at least show some CFL games, like NBC, they already show AFL and NLL, so why not CFL? be alot better than XFL. 8)

TSN and CBC should really make an extra effort to highlight the American players in the league. Having an American and a Canadian commentator is also a good idea, allowing the American viewers to relate more easily. I think there's lots of potential. They could also educate the American viewers on our university football teams. Canadian football rocks! 8)

That is a good idea. But it is really funny. Most americans you talk to about football will not even give the CFL the time of day. Unless they have had a special interest in the game. We have afew on this site that love our game because they were exposed to a few good games and now are hooked. I think if they do player profiles maybe before and ruing the game this might bring interest. Is Matt Dunigan not an American. Mind I guess he lives in Calgary right now but he is American, Flutie is American so the announcers we have but the american player exposure just might be the answer. TSN and the CBC should maybe have a pregame show highlighting these facts. This is where the NFL excels is the promotion of the league and its players our networks fail in this.

Matt Dunigan is awesome!

I concede that the CFL is a niche market in the US. But that niche doesn't have to be big for the league to reap additional financial benefits when compared to the size of the market in Canada. I think its great that we have commentators like Flutie and Dunnigan. Emphasizing the American content in the CFL would be a great strategy to increase the popularity of the league in the US. 8)

As an American, I was exposed to the CFL while in college in Buffalo, New York, and I stayed with it because it was football, it was fun to watch, and because some of the players were Americans who recently graduated from college in the US and were able to persue football in the CFL after being cut by the NFL.
The problem is that at least in the Philadelphia area where I live, they did show one CFL game per week on Sunday afternoon (a rebroadcast from the previous evening), but sopped as soon as the NFL season started on September 11, 2005. It's the old "Out of site, out of mind" situation. If you ask me which I prefer, there is no question I'd say the NFL because that's what I was brought up on. I do enjoy the CFL however, and the CFL has some stars that could easily play in the NFL and be major contributors to their team's success.
In the US, if you get away from the US-Canadian border, there are many people that have never heard of the CFL, wouldn't know football is even played in Canada, and couldn't name three teams in the CFL. I think they are missing out, but I also think the CFL could cultivate fans close to the border, but would fail miserably if they went far away from the border, because the interest wouldn't be there. It's the same with buying something in Canada with American money, everyone in Canada knows the current exchange rate, while if you try to buy something in the US with Canadian money, they would know the current exchange rate close to the border, but if you were in Atlanta for example, they wouldn't know what to do, because they almost never experience it.
I think the CFL is an exciting brand of football, but it would have limited success in the US, especially far from the US-Canadian border.

UASspike6, you read my mind. I was going to mention the north/south aspect in my last post. Essentially, the CFL has to pick their market in the US. The northern states would be it. But then again, that's where Friday Night Football comes in. There are no NFL games on Friday evening right? I think the market is there to grow if its done right. Its too bad your CFL games stopped. :cry:

Hi everyone! I am new here, but about 15 years ago, for about 3 years, we were able to catch some CFL games here (usually time-compressed) on SportsChannel and ESPN. I live in Indiana, and I miss the CFL. I haven't seen more than a tiny window with highlights in over a decade.

I'd love to see a PlayStation video game, and games played on TV here.

Is there any way to watch a game online?

Any suggestions for folks like me who are CFL starved?


I think that the CFL is watched more from people in the Northern part of America. I noticed that the game coverage starts to fade once college and the NFL start up. This will eventually change when people turn to satelite coverage. I watch at least one game a week, sometimes its live. I wish the CFL could make the games viewable over the internet. Being a Alouette fan i only get to listen to most of the games. I don't think it would ever be important in the south, because they are too into High School. college, and the NFL.

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All CFL games are broadcast in CHITOWN. three a week on one channel and one a week on another channel .