Videos: "Small Town" and "This Is Our League

I love that video, but it's a shame that it's played too early when the stadium is relatively empty.

I think they should follow a sequence similar to this so that mroe can see this terrific production:

  1. Introduce the visiting team

  2. Play the "Small Town" video.

  3. Do player intros for the Ti-Cats.

It would get everyone pumped for the game, fans and players alike.

Also, the This Is Our League video produced by the CFL is outstanding and should be played sometime during the game at IWS.

Kudos to all who produced them!

Great, great stuff!

Might have something do with timing with TSN broadcasts???

Thanks for the link Cap...

Great video "Small Town" gimme goosebumps, n pumped everyone up... well the few that were there when the decided to play it...

Everyone should have this video in there collection... I'm at work now and wish I could see it :frowning: i'll have to wait until i get home.

Yes, Capt`n,

Thanks for the link. Watching that " Small town " video gave me the goosebumps too. Whoever made that video, knows what it`s like to be a Hamiltonian and Tiger Cat fan. The old pictures of Ivor Wynne. Even glimpses of downtown and Gage park with the kids playing football. Brings back a lot of great memories. Great job on the video!!

This video shows that Hamilton would not be the same without our Ticats!!! :thup:

Small Town video is unreal.

Both videos are outstanding and act as reminders as to why we all embrace our team and this very special league.

Thanks for putting in up, Cap!

While I agree that the Small Town video is great, we have to remember that Hamilton isn't a small town. We have half a million people in Hamilton.

I went to university in Nova Scotia and Halifax (aka "the city") has roughly 150,000 people. The whole province only has about a million people. There are lots of small towns there.

The only way you could say Hamilton is a small town is if you compare it with Toronto (which they did in the video). And why does everyone always compare Hamilton to Toronto? Is it some kind of inferiority complex we have in Hamilton?

Your right PC45.

Hamilton really isnt a small town. In some ways, Hamilton has a small town feel to it. Maybe because the city is so divided. Downtown, the escarpment. Also, it isnt really like a metropolitan city. so I can see why the song fits the video.

You'd do well to remember that the city is surrounded by small towns (as shown in the video) where the residents are Ticat fans.

Also in comparison to Toronto, we are tiny. This isn't to say that we feel inferior to Toronto because with their high crime rate and numerous other problems that besiege large cities, I think we actually feel very lucky that we are not them.

Toronto's biggest setback of course is the Argooooos who can't buy a win this season against our Ticats.

That would force the visiting team to come out 4 minutes earlier. I don't think the home team has the right to do that.

For the sake of 3m40s then we can do this order

  1. Play video
  2. Intro home team
  3. Intro visitng team

But so what. I say make 'em wait 3m40s.

Both are excellent. I loved the clip of Lancaster. It summed up the man perfectly.

An Argo-Cat fan

Did you see this little video on Ron Lancaster?

love the video

Is the small town video on you tube? If not can someone put it on? :slight_smile:

Are you referring to the Lancaster video?

Did you notice the other CFL greats that have videos too, such as Mosca, Jackson and Gabriel?