Videos of players calling for noise

I thought the short video clips of players on the Tigervision asking the crowd to make noise at key times were a great idea. I realize that some fans need a nudge sometimes, and those videos are probably a lot more compelling to most folks than the generic noise graphics that they flash on the screen sometimes. I thought the player videos a) are more attention-getting, and b) make it more personal that the players themselves are urging the fans to make noise.

I thought those videos were a great idea. Hats off to whoever came up with the idea and to the folks who made it happen.

Maybe the Cats can get a few players to make a few clips like this..

"Hi, I'm Otis Floyd from the Hamilton Tiger Cats and I wanna tell every fan out there that if you want to come and run around on the field you are taking your life into your own hands cause I'm going to take your @%^$$@ing head off"

Disgraceful.....the Cats deserved better.

Now a video telling fans to shut the hell up while we have the ball would be a great idea too.

To the Labour Day and Playoff game fans only: DO NOT CHEER WHEN WE HAVE THE BALL.

(Although these fans probably dont read the forums anyways)

You are 100% right. It was funny to see people who I last saw on Labour Day. Guess they don't know we play more than 2 games at home.

I liked those videos, too. Nice touch.

funny, during the push to sell tickets, everyone here wanted the casual fan to come out, then they get knocked for comming.
i brought a friend, whose never been to a CFL game before...i guess he shoulda stayed home, right :roll:

some of us live far away, and can only get to afew games a year. kinda hard to get done work at 6pm, get cleaned up and drive 2 hours to hamilton for a thursday or friday game.
doesn't mean we dont watch on tv.
doesn't mean we're not on this forum.

i knew enough to be quiet during ticats offensive drives, but can you blame someone for being excited at the cats first home playoff game in 9 years???

Sadly, most of the people making noise in our section when we had the ball were season ticket holders (don't even get me started).

I loved those videos. They were great.

Overall, i thought people were pretty good about shutting up on offence. I know it's hard, especially when momentum is driving the team down the field. The only thing that bugged me were the guys starting the wave. Everytime that seems to start, we have the ball. Glad it never got going. I'm not a 'wave' guy, but if you're going to get that started, it has to be during the change-of-possession timeout when the opposition is coming on the field.

That really annoyed me too.

The Ti Cats should know better to play music that gets the fans all jacked up when we have the ball. The fans were fantastic

Have to say though it was depressing, the defense asked us to help them out and make a ton of noise, but they couldnt help themselves and stop a pass.

As for knockin on Floyd for clotheslining the guy that ran onto the field..?? I thought it was great!! You want to be a douche and run around on the field, you better be prepared to take your chances with the players.

Wasnt knocking him. Ithought he was great, just thought it would have made a great video!

I thought that was great too!I bet it would look good in slow