Video tribute for the boys, what a win!

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Wow, still got goosebumps thinking about yesterday's game! What a victory for our boys in black and gold, they truly placed their hearts out on the field yesterday and were rewarded with what will go down as one of the greatest victories in the team's history when you consider all the factors heading into the game. Now it is on to Ottawa and I got to say I am pretty confident in our boys, but that is subject to change as the game inches closer.

I was so happy about the win I spent all of last night and half of today throwing together a highlight video to commemorate the big win, hopefully you guys enjoy it has much as I did making it.

Oskee Wee Wee!

Another Awesome video :smiley: Nice job there 2EZ as always....We sunk those Boatmen :smiley: now let's go CHOP DOWN those Lumber Jacks next and then it's on to the Peg. Absolutely LOVE this team :rockin: GO CATS GO !!!!!! Henry-etta is going DOWN this week.......Trust me......It's MONEY ( Medlock ) in the BANK(s). I can't wait for next Sunday....Bad Hank come on down, you're the next contestant on the " Price is Right ". :rockin: