Video tours of IGF

I think someone posted a link to a video tour the FP has but the Bombers website also has one so here they both are:


Looks beautiful. Love what they did to honour Richard Harris.

....Great looking digs...You have to get a little teary when you see that message about Mr. Harris on the wall... a classy move. :thup:

updated photos on IG field as they are finishing the field markings

So much for the guys who say it won't be ready for football this season. Looking pretty sweet.

...I never pay much attention to the naysayers about the opening of the new stadium...They're probably the same bunch that didn't want the facility built in the first place....orrrrr they're from the jealousy and envy crowd who look at their venue and turn green...IGF will open on time and it sure looks fantastic...Now to field a team that suits the surroundings... :thup: :rockin:

I was down there the other day, the stadium looks awesome - especially the view from the Bomber store. Can't wait to see some games there :thup:
What I didn't like was the concrete walkway leading up to the Bomber store. Newly poured, and already cracked and uneven. Doesn't give a good impression walking up.